Thursday, October 24, 2013

Oh those best-selling authors by Terry Burns

I've heard it before.

At the last conference some authors were complaining about the big advances for big name authors, the facts that a majority of a publishers advertising and promotion are centered on them. Everybody pretty much agreed that "If they weren't spending so much on these guys they'd have money for more new authors."

That sounds logical.

But it isn't.

Actually if publishers didn't have authors making them significant money then they don't have the resources to launch new authors. I told these writers instead of begrudging the money that is being spent on these authors that they should be thankful that they are producing the income that is allowing the publisher to give some new people a try.

How many debut authors are likely to benefit?

Publishers have X number of slots available for new authors. And the value of X is determined by how well their A list authors are performing. The bottom line isn't that these authors are stealing the money that would otherwise fund new authors, they are the ones earning the money that will do that.



David B. Smith said...

A very valid point. Thanks for the astute observation. We should all be thankful for the Stephen Kings and the John Grishams whose successes help fund new triumphs in the field.

Cathy Messecar said...

Thank you for the insight, Terry. I try not to begrudge others' success, it just may be a test from God as to whether I'm a candidate for further success.

Saw a sign on FB that you I shared today, "Life doesn't come with a remote. Get up and change it yourself." My caption to the sign, "Whine not."

B. J. Robinson said...

I don't begrudge anyone, and I've never made that complaint, but it's nice to understand how it really works. I just keep writing, keep persisting, and keep trying, striving to improve, and hoping one day I'll write a book that will make a difference, one that glorifies God. Thanks for the insight. BJ