Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Let Us Pray by Diana L. Flegal

As an agent, I constantly encourage my clients to maintain an online presence and develop genuine community through social media.

I am online as well, with Facebook being my primary social networking avenue.

Through years of attending writers conferences and gathering friends, I have come to have genuine affection for many people and follow their lives and those of their families.

Recently many of my 'friends' have requested prayer for some very serious things. I thought I would share a few of their requests here with their permission so we might lift them up together.

Sarah Burns Hampshire shared:  Min (sonny-boy, age 20 physically but developmental about age 8-10) has terminal brain cancer. a mass has infiltrated both hemispheres of the brain and spidered as well. The tumor is causing multiple problems already. He also has a benign tumor causing havoc on his equilibrium, and he's always nauseous ...or worse. This tumor, although small, is in an inoperable place. This is all I will share right now, but know we are in need of prayer for numerous concerns involved with this. The first 2 days we were in total shock and held such sadness, but on the third day, we truly felt God's peace lift us.

Sarah asked: Will you also pray that Min's foster mother is located? She raised him for 3 years, and we kept in touch until about 6 years ago. Then somehow we lost each other with moves, etc. My husband called the adoption agency to tell them about Min, and the director "happened" to be going to South Korea in 2 weeks. She said she'd take anything Min wanted to send, and the agency overseas is searching for his foster mother now. The director said she'd hand-deliver Min's gifts to her. So Min went shopping for special gifts, we wrote her letters, and they went in the mail today.

note: They are in the process of building Min a man cave complete with stalactites and mites. A precious family bravely facing a tough heartbreaking time.

Please pray for Sandy Ardoin and family. Her brother passed away of a heart attack. 50 years old - a husband and father of four kids from 11-14.

One gal asked: Please pray my relationship with my daughter (and her relationship with God) will be restored.

Cindy Valenti Scinto had a heart transplant a few years back and recently had a biopsy. Please pray as she is dealing with depression and many physical issues.

Another woman asked for prayer for her back.

And another's son ran into a window and has a concussion. He is on restricted activity and out of school. Prayers are appreciated. Thanks to all who have been praying for him!

Cynthia Lott Vogel is an author friend I met in Philadelphia. My son had just been diagnosed with Bipolar Illness. Cynthia had written a book about her journey through Mental Illness. She ministered to me at a crisis time.  Her blog, Treasures in Darkness offers support to many suffering with Mental Illness and depression.

Cynthia's prayer is: that you will be able to look beyond this broken, sinful woman, and see her incredible God...and that you would consider making Him your God as well.

My son Curt, is currently in the hospital. He made it three years without a hospitalization and had been doing so well. Please pray that he recovers from this drug induced mania and accompanying delusions and wisdom for the Dr's, to administer the correct meds.

How can we pray for you or your loved ones? Feel free to ask.


Elaine Miller said...

Praying for all these requests, Diana. Thank you for sharing. You know your dear Kurt is in my heart.

May the God of hope fill us with peace as we trust in Him. So thankful for Jesus!

Love and prayers to all,
Elaine W. Miller

Diana said...

One woman wrote: Our daughter went to heaven seven years ago today. My mama heart hurts as if it were yesterday.I would appreciate your prayers.

Jeanette Levellie said...

Dear Princess Di:

Thanks for mentioning my back, which seems to be the most minor of all these serious request!

I will ask Jesus to fight for all these precious lambs. Thanks for apprising us of them.

Hugs of hope,

David B. Smith said...

Diana, thanks for this heart-tugging note, especially regarding your son. It is always so wonderful to realize that Christ cares passionately even more than we do - which is amazing. I always think of our Lord as a surgeon in the operating theater with our loved one on the gurney. We're outside wanting to send in notes of exhortation: "Do Your best! Really apply all Your talents and gifts to this particular case." Then we remember that our Great Physician is operating on His own child.

Pam Halter said...

So many people in need - so thankful we serve a God who can handle all of it! Please pray for Anna to be seizure free. Anna is 22-years-old, has autism and still functions at about 18 months. She has uncontrolled seizures. She's my middle child.

And please pray for our politicians in New Jersey who are taking away services from our special kids. It's quite frustrating, as we've come to depend on some things and they're slowly going away.

Diana said...

What a beautiful word picture David. And Pammie- you got it. Father we lift up Anna and pray that she will be seizure free. Strengthen her mother as she lovingly cares for Anna each day. Provide for the needs of special needs children in the State of New Jersey. Amen.

Sandra Ardoin said...

Thank you for including my request for my brother's family. I'll be praying for your son and the others on your list!

Linda Glaz said...

Praying, Diana. For all of your wonderful families and friends.

Sherry Boykin said...

Thanks for sharing this, Diana, and for giving us the privilege to pray . . . My heart is especially inclined to your son; I know how you love him.