Thursday, October 3, 2013

Changing agents by Terry Burns

It happens, nothing is forever.

Well, nothing but our relationship with Jesus, but that's another topic.

Most of my clients have been with me a long time, some almost from when I began being an agent. They aren't just clients, they are good friends. My client group interfaces with one another and with me to the point that they are like family.

So, what's the deal about changing agents? Sometimes I realize I have tried every place I have for a client without success and no longer have anything to offer them. I realize I need to release them so they can get with a different agent that has a different set of contacts. I never want to be holding a client back instead of helping them move forward. I don't have to take this step often but occassionally it happens. It is sad for all concerned when it does, but hopefully it works out to be what is best for the client.

Sometimes the shoe is on the other foot and a client decides they want another agent that can open doors for them that they feel I am not opening. Hopefully they are correct and find what they are looking for. Once again it is sad for all concerned but hopefully works out to be what is best for the client. This hasn't happened often either, but when it does . . . well, I don't want clients that are not happy being with me. I want what is best for the author.

I did a blog before about how getting with an agent is a lot like dating. There has to be a fit, a relationship. The author and agent have to be happy with each other and the relationship has to work. Changing agents then is like a couple breaking up with each other. If the relationship doesn't work, if the author is not being represented as well as they want or the agent wants, then things have to change. I get that.

I am blessed with the client group that I have. My clients are all required to be in an online group in order to give me the ability to pass information to them all at once. It also gives them the ability to communicatate with each other in a closed group not open to outsiders if they choose that side of it and most do choose to do that. Theve've gotten very close to one another, pray for each other and support each other. And I maintain close contact with them  via that group.

But sometimes it is time to move on. And as the old song says . . . "Breaking up is hard to do."


Andrea Cox said...

When life changes, it often throws me for a loop. Then I remember that God saw this change coming long before I did, and He's prepped me for it, even if I didn't realize it at the time.

Terry, I hope that you have great success in finding homes for your clients' projects. It sounds like you've got a great work family who care and pray for each other deeply. I hope to be a part of something as special as that someday in my writing career.


Deborah Dee Harper said...

Terry, our client family is the best there is and I'm so blessed to be a part of it. I know there have to be bittersweet times as careers and needs change, but I know that everyone you have ever represented had a godly, hardworking, talented gentleman in their corner.


Linda Glaz said...

It is hard, but you're right, sometimes it's just necessary for one of the other to move on. Probably more so for our group because we all get so close. Good job, Terry. We appreciate all you do.

Susan Lower said...

We never really say goodbye, do we? As we all meet up again someday. You are much appreciated, Terry. And I feel blessed to be a part of the group. :)

Terry Burns said...

Thank you ladies just something I felt a need to express

Sadie and Sophie said...

"From the heart" is a good description, and you have our hearts. If it didn't hurt a bit, it would mean you didn't care, right? And we know you care. We, too (or we, two) are blessed to be part of this wonderful family we call Burns! :) S & S