Thursday, October 10, 2013

Meet you in Albuquerque by Terry Burns

Yup, it's that time. I followed this conference when it left Glorieta NM after many years, wnet with it when it moved to the Ghost Ranch in Abique NM for several years and will now be there as it is at the First Baptist Church in Albuquerque NM on October 17-19th.

I have quite a history with this conference and I don't just mean the length of time that I have gone. Way back when I was a fledging writer it was this conference that I went to in order to see how I could follow my leading to use my writing for the Lord. If you are interested you can see my writing testimony at my personal website at - just click on the testimony button. We anjoyed this conference so much that my wife, Saundra, and my mom both went with me for years before mom passed away. Saundra usually goes to this day but has a conflict and can't make it this year.

The conference is put on by Classservices and is under the direction of my client Linda Gilden and Gerry Wakefield. Any questions you might have you will find answered at including how to get registered and the cost.

This is a great conference that I always enjoy attending. If you are a fledging writer looking for that first publication credit attendees work with industry pros during the course of the conference and get a chance to be in an anthology produced during the conference. This is one conference that you can walk away from as a published writer.

There will be chances to pitch agents and editors, for individual coaching, and the chance for a lot of networking with other writers and with industry professionals. So what are you waiting for? Go to that site now and come meet me in Albuquerque!

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