Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Underdogs and Character Transformation by Diana Flegal

Stories that include the transformation of a character are ones I really enjoy. I like to root for the underdog: the bad boy, or the indentured servant.

John Eldredge says we are enchanted by tales of transformation because it is the secret of Christianity, and Christianity is the secret to the universe.

John 3:7 We must be Born again.
It is all about a transformation.  

An ugly beast most cannot look upon, loved for what is inside him, is delivered from a curse and transformed into a handsome Prince.  

Beauty and the Beast

A wooden marionette is changed into a real boy.


A young girl suffering domestic abuse, is taken advantage of and ridiculed by her ugly stepsisters. She meets a prince and his love rescues her. She becomes a Princess.


I cheered like a nut for the Jamaican bobsled team (island boys racing in the snow), such unlikely Olympic athletes. Cool Runnings, based on a true story, gave us permission to dream far-out dreams.

Are your stories, stories of transformed characters? Does the unlikely guy get the girl? The dark and ugly person become good? The lost become saved?

Consider your main characters transformation. How can you enrich their experience into an inspiring tale that can spur others to reach for their dreams?

Over the holidays, I plan to see The Hobbit movie with my son. It is a story of mere ordinary ones undertaking an extraordinary adventure. And that is just the kind of tale for me.

 Merry Christmas Eve!





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Davalyn Spencer said...

Such stories give us hope that we, too, can be transformed. Something to consider as we lift the pen to write.

Merry Christmas!