Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Getting Ready for a New Year by Andy Scheer

I have a checklist for some tasks I need to accomplish by tomorrow – the year's final day. Some items have financial incentives; others come from a desire to start the new year right:

__ Update spreadsheet of writing income and expenses
__ Order tax preparation software
__ Prepare new project file folders
__ Inquire with publishers about decisions still pending
__ Sort stacks of old paperwork: file or recycle
__ Back up computer documents
__ Scan computer files

One late addition to my list resists categorization. I'd like to prepare a list for books to read next year. Besides again reading though the Bible, I hope to delve into the works of some classic and contemporary writers I've either never read or haven't visited in some time.

Besides the books I received as Christmas presents, there are two Agatha Christie short story collections I want to finish. And having recently read a mystery involving a lost Shakespeare manuscript, I'd like to explore the works of the bard.

Then there's that thriller writer whose book signing I attended this past fall. Before I tackle his latest novel, I want to get through the previous books in his series.

But I know not to schedule my reading too tightly. There are always those great books I've never considered – until I get a “you've got to read this” recommendation from a friend. I'm waiting for what you'll suggest.


Anonymous said...

I plan on creating a calendat for blog posts for the eyar and contact various authors to guest blog in hopes of having a more consistent posting schedule. Your post reminds me I need to declutter too. EWWWW!!!
Always a challenge.
My book suggestions were ones I read this year.
Whiskey Sunrise by John Turney is a fantasy crime drama full of action.
With Music in Their Heart by Carole Brown A WWI Spy novel set in America. Has a you are there feel.
Lightning on aQuiet Night is a post WWII mystery.
And another WWII setting Under the Silk Hibiscus explores Japanese Americans in internment camps during teh war and rebulding their lives after the war.
Brathing On Her Own by REbecca Waters Contemporary Family drama focused around teh consequeces of bad choices.
And if you want something to read that is way out there but well written try Ben Wolf's debut novel Blood for Blood. A Wampire whose life is changed by Christ.
I read many novels this past year that were excellent and brand new.
as well as some excellent non-fiction. A good example would be
Writing in Obedience by Terry Burns and Linda Yezak.
I am looking forward to reading more of my to-read list in my Kindle along with all those must-reads others will recommend.
Might even get Pride and Prejudice read this year along with a Louis Lamore short story collection.
Cindy Huff

Andy Scheer, Hartline Literary said...


Thanks for the book suggestions. I so much prefer recommendations from a real person rather than formal reviews.

-- A.S.

Diana Flegal said...

A few great nonfiction books I read this past year were: Impact by Nelson Hannah, as well as his study The Threshing Floor. Both excellent. I reread Waking the Dead by John Eldredge- so worth a reread every year.
Fiction I especially liked: Stones for Bread by Christa Parrish, Sweet Mercy and Jane Kirkpatrick's Where Lilacs Still Bloom. There were many others but those stand out to in my memory today.

Diana Flegal said...

Sweet Mercy was written by Ann Tatlock :-)