Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Thanks for Speaking at Church by Andy Scheer

This past Sunday, a writer I've known for years spoke to all the people in the church my wife and I attend.

She didn't come in person. But the elder who presented the communion message quoted an article of hers that appeared awhile ago in another denomination's magazine.

When she wrote the piece, whether on assignment or on spec, I suspect she never have looked past the magazine's immediate circulation, or maybe its usual pass-along readership.

But the pass-along for any published writing can be far larger and widespread than you suspect. When you offer your words in print, you never know. But God does.


David Smith said...

So very true! A zillion years ago I wrote a series of sports-themed Christian books for teens. Long after, I was visiting a small church on the island of Maui . . . and met a couple of kids who had devoured all ten volumes. They knew the story lines better than I did. What a stunning and sweet moment to find that the influence of my stories had traveled such a distance. So I agree: "you never know." Once in a while, it's fun to find out!

Davalyn Spencer said...

Yes, Andy. This is such a critical thing to remember. But in a way, it's a surprise blessing.