Monday, July 28, 2014

A Tremendous Storm by Linda S. Glaz

           A huge storm rolled through tonight. Power went out, lightning strikes hit record levels, hail was huge and plentiful. And the vertical wind slammed into trees. It was crazy!
The day had been a typical hot, steamy Michigan summer day. Felt like everyone was stuck in a sauna until the cold front hit us like a might steamroller.
It made me think a bit like what a writer faces not only in his or her writing, but as he attempts to ‘get his work out there’ without much luck. When she gets writers’ block and blindly bashes at the keyboard praying for letters to turn into words.
There are a great many tremendous storms as we write, face agents, approach editors. We break out in sweats, feeling like we’re caught in kilns. We face emotions that swirl like tornadoes of doubt and apprehension.
And yet, if we don’t quit, we make it through the torrent and emerge on the other side as we did tonight here in Michigan. We emerged on the other side, cool, calm, and relieved that the heat had spent itself.
It will be cool and comfortable tonight. The air’s fresh, sweet. I opened all the windows letting in the crisp air, about twenty degrees cooler. Have I mentioned I don’t particularly like hot days? The entire week is supposed to be dry, cool nights, warm days. It is the kind of weather I stay in Michigan for even if we only get a handful all summer long. They are worth it.
So are the times we get encouragement as authors. We fight our way through the heat of battle, whether it be with other authors (critters), agents, editors, or even just a tough time with ourselves trying to hammer out a scene.
Emerging on the other side is sweet and refreshing. A time to re-evaluate our ability and realize we can do it.
Use your tremendous storms to be better. To find victory in each tiny accomplishment. A full read from an editor versus a rejection. An agent willing to make suggestions. Another author who falls in love with a chapter and can’t wait to read more.
One day one step at a time.
Cool, fresh, and sweet.


Elaine Stock said...

Excellent encouragement, Linda. Thanks.

Jackie said...

Your post is like an exclamation point to our sermon yesterday based on Mark 4:35-41.

Jesus was asleep on the boat in the storm and the disciples woke him because they feared dying in the storm. Jesus will help us weather the storms of life.

In my writing life he's given me encouragement through people like you. Thanks for all you do!


Linda Glaz said...

Thanks, Jackie and Elaine. We hear enough people telling us "No, not yet. Not for us. No thanks. I'll pass." and so on. But now and then we all need to hear there's hope and to keep at until we find our breakthrough.

Courtney Phillips said...

Your blog title caught my attention. I'm fascinated by storms. Dad always walked out on our porch to watch the clouds during a thunderstorm. That drove Momma crazy. I've got a lot of my Dad in me. :)
This post is full of encouragement, so thanks for that. The Lord has used storms (agent rejection, long periods of waiting) to teach me humility. Without Him, I'm nothing. Then He uses fun things (like a contest win) to remind me He's watching over me.
God is good.

Linda Glaz said...

That's funny, Courtney. I'm the same way. I was a meteorologist in the Air Force and when tornadoes would be predicted in our area, I used to get the kids in the hallway, books and pillows over their heads and then I'd go out on the porch, mesmerized by the storm. So, yes, I can understand the fascination. I do think storms teach us a great deal.. They are powerful, beautiful, and they leave us washed clean, refreshed. And even in the face of destruction, they leave hope.