Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Would You Read On? hosted by Diana L. Flegal

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Genre: Contemporary Inspirational Romance

“You can stop screaming now, Kibbles. We’re home.”
Teal Benning downshifted and coasted into the gravel driveway, the wail of country music drowning the cicada’s chatter from the open window of the sports car. But the tunes did nothing to tame her cat’s occasional ear-piercing screech.
Home? Not technically, but close enough. She’d grown up in this tiny house tucked in the Blue Ridge Mountains around Promise Lake.
For the last five years, home was in Atlanta, where she was Teal Benning, best-selling romance author and pro-basketball superstar Ian Hartsuk’s fiancĂ©.
In Promise Lake, she was just Teal Benning.
Whoever that was anymore.
Teal sighed and closed the windows. Jerking the keys from the ignition, the silence settled over her, and in the darkness, a glint sparkled from her finger,    the remnant of her two-year-long relationship. Teal stared at the single diamond and clamped her lips together.
Correction. Ian Hartsuk’s ex-fiancĂ©.
She tugged the ring off and smashed it deep into her laptop bag.
Why didn’t she fling it at Ian’s head? She would have relished his expression as he watched several thousand dollars sink to the bottom of the hot tub. Wouldn’t that have been priceless? Nah. What was a few thousand to him? She’d figure out what to do with it later.

Teal stepped out on stiff legs, giving the short black dress a yank south and tugging her sweater tighter. She heaved her laptop bag over a shoulder and reached in for Kibbles’s carrier.

Last weeks author was Lynn Donovan.You can connect with Lynn on Twitter @MLynnDonovan, and on LinkedIn, M Lynn Donovan. Or stop by her blog, Sitting on the Front Porch, visiting with Lynn.


sally apokedak said...

I would read on. In this short space the author has given me conflict, and she's given me a setting I like and a cat named kibbles. I'm going to read on to see how this girl gets along. Will she meet a new man in the mountains or will she get back with the old man, and more importantly, will she discover who she really is?

Kathryn Elliott said...

Yes. In one page I have a basic outline of the characters, plot, setting and conflict - all the right introductory information.

Jeanette Levellie said...

Yes, I would. I love the cat's name, and the contrast in settings. Some of the sentences are a bit wordy, but that is easy to fix.

Great job!

Linda Glaz said...

I would! I pictured her anger and felt for her. Was she in the hot tub when he broke up? Did she find him and the last bachelorette in the hot tub together? Did she find him with who knows what in the hot tub? I wanna know more and she has my interest right away...

Elaine said...

I'm ever the outlier. For me, the prose is too formulaic, giving a bumpy ride to my senses so I'm not able to flow with the story.

Yet, from the other bloggers' comments, it has potential to be enjoyed by a large audience.

Thank you for the opp to participate.

Cheryl said...

Yes, I like it. The writer has quickly set up the conflict and drawn the reader in. I'm also partial to coming home stories. :) said...

Yes, I would. I'm already interested in the setting in the mountains, and the future adjustment the protagonist will have to make as she moves from a busy city to a quiet small place away from everything she just left. I also expect her to rediscover herself without her ex-fiance. Kibbles is a great cat name!