Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Waiting for a Response by Andy Scheer

I'd poured my heart onto the pages. Seven days of devotionals for the week of Christmas – reflecting on extremely familiar Scripture passages.

My confidence should have been boosted by the fact the editor had assigned the project to me. But I was daunted. I procrastinated more than usual. Then came the day I had no choice but to put my seat in the chair and my fingers on the keyboard.

As I had trusted would happen, the words came. For all but one of the devotions. At the end of a long session the idea finally came. The illustration was deeply personal, but nothing else seemed to fit. So I took the risk and trusted that readers would resonate with my vulnerability.

After some polishing I was ready to send the attachment – a full day ahead of the deadline.

Then came the hard part. On deadline day, I kept checking my email. When an acknowledgment finally came, I'm sure the editor thought he responded promptly. As someone who usually sits in an editor's chair, I knew he had.

But from the writer's chair, time takes a different perspective. Maybe if I'm assigned another week of devotions, the theme for those verses will be patience.


Diana said...

We do a lot of waiting in this business. :-) so please write those devotionals on patience.

Heather Marsten said...

You made me laugh. You must be on the same Fruit of the Month club I'm in. God had me in the Fruit of the Month club = and He keeps sending me patience. Sure would love a bit of love, joy, peace, kindness. Noooo, He sends me patience.