Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas 2013! What Does it Mean to You? By Linda S. Glaz

I’ve read a few inspirationals lately that talked about Joseph for a change and what an incredible role he played.
He married a girl he knew to be pure and caring.
She left home to visit relatives and returned pregnant. Joseph had the right to justice. He could have had her stoned…but didn’t. Not only did he not have her stoned, but he stood by her…raised the child as his own…helped changed the direction of the world.
While this is not merely a story, it does give us a glimpse of an incredible man. A man with true character.
I love this part of the Christmas story. I so admire Joseph. What man today would have such a caring, believing heart? He thought his wife had committed adultery and an angel told him otherwise. Can’t you just imagine that happening today? But still…
So what does this wonderful story have to do with our writing? Finding the ability to create a character like Joseph will bring your writing to life. Suspend belief for just a bit then reel the reader in with the everyday. Joseph went from the miracle to raising a son. Bringing him up to be a carpenter. That is how a character with depth comes to life.
Take the opportunity for every situation to bring a character to life in your writing. Even the best situation ever!
Happy writing!
Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


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