Monday, December 2, 2013

Things are Slooooowing Down! By Linda S. Glaz

It’s the start of the holiday season and thing are slowing down. For the next month, there won’t be a lot of offers, folks getting ‘the call’, or a lot of decisions being made on submissions even from agents. What can a writer do to stay busy and avoid worrying about whether or not their baby is about to win the diamond tiara?
Write! Take this time to start a new work, edit the WIP, or proofread for a friend. Enjoy the season! Stash your work on a disk and take a mini-vacation from writing. Meet a deadline early. Get together with other writers and talk about the dismal state of the industry…just kidding. Enough of that negativity takes place accidentally. Get together and enjoy the opportunity of sharing with other folks who ‘get it’.
Head on over to Amazon or another book outlet, and pick a Christmas read from an emerging author. Someone you haven’t read before. Let this be the year that you discover a wonderful new talent and then go back and leave a review
Give away a copy of your book! Give away a copy of a friend’s.
Whatever you do, enjoy every day from St. Nick’s to Christmas to Three Kings. Let the entire month have special meaning for you. Let Christ slide into your heart in places you’ve never allowed Him before.

Things are sloooowing down, but you can enjoy this time in very special ways!


Davalyn Spencer said...

"Let Christ slide into your heart in places you’ve never allowed Him before." - love that, Linda. It's all about His presence.

Linda Glaz said...

Amen, Davalynn! Sometimes we are so wrapped up in the chaos, we forget!

David B. Smith said...

It's difficult to go on hiatus from a cherished project as you wait for the delayed yes from the publisher. But I do appreciate your suggestion to read something different, edit for a friend, etc. And I especially applaud the idea of always writing reviews of every book we read - as a favor to all others in the trade. Thanks for this very timely post.