Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Grammar Fraud by Andy Scheer

Somehow this email, with the subject line "service@visa.usa," got through my spam filter.

Evidently in determining which incoming emails contain links for phishing schemes, the spam filter failed to check for errors in spelling, spacing, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar.

Hello Guest visa card

Your credit card is suspended, because we've noticed a problem on your card . 

We determine that someone may be using your card without your permission . For your protection, we've suspended your credit card . To lift this suspention,


Note: If not completed sep 22, 2012, we will be forced to suspend your card indfiniment because it can be used for fraudulent 

We appreciate your cooperation in this matter . 

Thank you , 
Customer Support Service.

Here's hoping that spammers and other purveyors of email fraud never realize the need to hire accomplished writers and editors.

For those who stayed alert in English class, take encouragement: Even if your skills never earn you big money in sales, at least they can keep you from being defrauded.


Jennifer Major said...

I hat frod.

I get emails from the Nigerian National Bank about once a month. I know, I'm really loaded and all I need to do is send them some money to get my money.

Tips head sideways.

I love using something as basic as grammar to nail the bad guys.

Linda Glaz said...

So funny . I have this bridge--possibly two--I'd like . to sell you in Michigum. For small fee of coarse.

Heather Day Gilbert said...

I let my 10-year-old type an email to her Grandma and it WOULD NOT go through until I corrected spacing and capitalization errors. Tricky when they're just learning basic typing skills!

Anonymous said...

i am so surprised at how many people don't think these spam things through. They become so worry about their card they actually call the number provided. No one thinks to call the one on the back of their card. Do you wonder if the lazy writing in texts,tweets and FB have something to do with people not noticing bad grammar?

Timothy Fish said...

The lack of grammar in spam amazes me. I suppose that people who are too lazy to work for a living are too lazy to check grammar.