Friday, October 12, 2012

Upon the Rock Speaker's Bureau

I have some good news for Hartline clients as well as others who might be hoping to launch their speaking career as the next step in building their platform. Upon the Rock Publicist is launching a Speaker's Bureau. It's brand new so the fields have not been populated yet, and we will no doubt have some kinks to work out, but we are now ready to accept submissions.

While this will be a paid annual service of only $25/year, ALL Hartline Literary clients may submit a listing for free for a limited time (until December 31, 2012), so be sure to get in your submissions.

Below are a few things you will be allowed to include in your listing, some are required, but not all.

  • Name or pen name
  • Websites and Social Media Site links
  • Bio
  • Head and shoulder photo
  • Speaking video/audio file upload
  • Up to 5 speaking topics
  • Up to 3 recommendation quotes from others
  • Speaking fees
  • If you are willing to travel and locations
  • Contact info for bookings
  • Contact info if you are only accepting bookings through an agency

We will be listing Speakers by both alphabetical order and under specific speaking categories. Once we receive your submission, we will be in touch with you about specific categories you might want to be listed under. We didn't include categories in the form since we expect to add many more.

Also, we will be creating another form for your speaking events that you will be able to list on our calendar. We will post these speaking events on our blog and publicize them through our Social Media connections.

Submit your listing now! Go here.

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