Monday, October 15, 2012

Beginning or the End? by Linda S. Glaz

So, your crit group tells you the story rocks! Now what?
You attend a conference and meet an interested agent. Now what?
You send a proposal to the agent, wait a couple months.
He/she wants you for a client. Now what?
Numerous publishers say no, a couple “might” be interested.
One finally asks for a full read. Now what?

They like it! A contract is signed.
Now what?

Are you facing the end of a long journey or are you merely at the beginning? If you think you’ve arrived—you’re crazy. This is just the start.

Now, you have to sell yourself, your story, a reason for someone to lay out a lot of money to read all that work you’ve devoted the last 2, 3, 10 or 15 years to.

We so often think, “if only” this happens or that happens,
THEN I’ll be happy. THEN I’ll have what I want. Don’t look now, but your happiness doesn’t rest in being published or validated in any other way. Your happiness is there every day of your life to have for the grabbing. BE content with the life you have and view the extras as just that. Or like my mom used to say, the frosting on the cake. But don’t miss out on the yummy cake while you’re waiting for the frosting.

Life is too precious to overlook any one day.

Are you enjoying your writing journey even if no publisher has signed you?
Do you write because you have to?

If you write because you have to as surely as you have to breathe, then you are writer, published or not!
Have a happy one!


Heather Day Gilbert said...

Thanks for this post, Linda--I needed to hear it! Out on submission right now, waiting to hear back sometime within the next ten years...

Seriously, I finally stopped my angst-filled wait and started writing another book in the meantime. Thank goodness for friends who encourage me to keep writing. It is what I do, published or not, and I love it. It puts a smile on my face. And I've finally realized that if my submission doesn't get picked up, I won't get sucked into a vortex of despair. I'll just get that next proposal ready to roll.

You're so right. If you're a writer, you're a writer. No matter what.

Kristy L. Cambron said...

Linda ~ This post really blessed me today!

When talking about why I write and the path of my own writing journey, a friend recently shared 2 Corinthians 1:20 with me: "For all the promises of God find their YES in Him!" It made me realize that no matter the outcome (publication), authors write because God has placed that 'Yes!' on our hearts. We'll do it because it's who we are and who He made us to be.

Heather is right - thank goodness for family and friends who realize the 'Yes!' on our hearts and encourage us to keep writing.

Thanks for the wonderful reminder today! ; )

Robin Bayne said...

Great post! Definitely how things have gone for me, after reaching each goal another one awaits. Writing is a journey, not a finish line : )

Joanne Sher said...

YES. Enjoying the journey (most of the time LOL)