Thursday, September 20, 2012


My dad was involved in politics for a while, and I would from time to time go with him when he got to see the biggies. I was awestruck. He always told me not to be intimidated by anyone.
So don’t be intimidated by Terry, y’all. He puts his Stetson on just like everybody else.
Only, that’s not what my dad said. He said, “Just remember, Dolly, everyone pulls up their pants the same way. Nobody’s different than anyone else.”
(I just thought the Terry analogy was a bit nicer).
A lovely lady just told me that when she first met me, as agent Linda, not as good old normal Linda, that she was intimidated by me. ME!?! I had a student in karate class YEARS ago, tell me the same thing. Said she thought I chewed nails for breakfast. YIKES! What an image to be portraying. No wonder the dentist has to work so hard.
Writers need to understand they should walk boldly up to whichever agent or editor they choose, and remember, they are no different. They have all the hopes and dreams, fears and realities of everyone else.
They are neither more or less important in the scheme of things. We are all part of the industry that we love. Agents and editors want the chance to get to know you as well. Or they should. If not, they’re in the wrong biz.
What do you say?
Know how to put on a Stetson?


Davalyn Spencer said...

Professionals who are personable - like you, Terry, and everyone else at Hartline, make it easier on the rest of us to stroll up and say howdy. Thanks!

Jennifer Major said...

Actually, I do. But I prefer my olive green, hand made cowboy hat from Sombrero Sucre, in Bolivia. It's well worn and has plenty of history.
I can do things some agents never dreamt of doing, and vice versa. We all need to stop at red lights and we all need to floss.