Monday, September 3, 2012

Everything Has a Beginning and an End by Linda S. Glaz

     Here it is, Labor Day and I wonder how it crept up on me so quickly. We had a horribly hot summer in Michigan, but the last few days have been so beautiful, it could have continued a tad longer. However, summer is coming to an end, and it reminds me that all things have a beginning, a middle, and an end.
     The end of something, like the end of our novels, means that while something has finished, something else is about to begin. What a beautiful thought. Ends shouldn't worry us. There are ends to jobs, ends to meals, ends to one POV, but with the end comes another beginning. And how beautiful is that?
     For those of us in Michigan, it means the beginning of a wonderful time. Leaves turn color, and oh what spectacular colors we see! The temperature moderates. Seventies during the day, cool dry evenings at night. Great sleeping weather. It doesn't last long enough, but while it does, we all remember why we love Michigan. The beauty, the comfort, and for many of the guys and some gals--the hunting!
     There's sweet misery as we tie up the loose ends to a novel. We sit back, take a deep breath, and realize, it's the end. What are your first steps to a new beginning? Do you take a breather, research? What gets you into the next "beginning"?
     I wish you all a lovely Labor Day, and pray exciting new beginnings for all of you.


Audrey said...

For 27 years I worked in Education.
Now that I don't have to set the alarm in the morning and I'm finally following my dream of writing, I still find that I still follow the school calendar. Labor Day to me is like New Years Day to the rest of the world. So, when I read your post today, I smiled in agreement. This is my new beginning, and I hope to take a few minutes later today and write down my writing resolutions for the coming year. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm with us!

Davalyn Spencer said...

A nice reminder that the end always signals a beginning.

Jenny McLeod Carlisle said...

After the end, I was asked to lengthen the book, so I'm back in daily contact with those same characters for a little while longer. The end is not always the end, LOL! Your post makes me long for an Arkansas autumn. Still waiting, but I know it will happen. Great post!

Sadie and Sophie said...

We, too, love this time of year and look forward to the shorter days and hunkering down next to the woodstove. For us, writing is like chain smoking (although neither of us has ever smoked...EVER!); when one work is finished, we're onto the next one. It's a great life! Thanks for reminding us.