Friday, November 11, 2011

Is Google+ Dead or Winning? You Decide by Jennifer Hudson Taylor

There is a great debate going on in the Social Media world right now. Some are saying that Google+ is already dead in spite of the fact that it has several million in only a few short months and just rolled out their platform pages to businesses this week.

Others are saying that Google+ is a win-win situation and will eventually be the only real true competitor for Facebook. Below I've posted two articles, one for and one against.

You decide. What are your thoughts?

Google+ Is Dead

Why Google+ Pages Will Beat Facebook. And Twitter


Timothy Fish said...

It's dead. Or soon will be. Things like that have to have a good name and it doesn't.

Linda Glaz said...

I can't keep up with any of them. I guess that tells my age. errgh

Author Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

At first I thought Google+ would make a great go of it, but now that I'm seeing all the activity dwindle and FB is still going so strong, I'm thought process is changing.

I even created the new business page that they just released and it doesn't look or feel any different from one's profile. If I suggest current followers and friends follow me, it feels like a repeat of what they already see and get from my Google+ profile. There needs to be a distinct visual difference and there isn't one.

Jeanette Levellie said...

I think Google is trying too hard to take over and be something they're not.

If you're a bear, don't put on a kangaroo suit and pretend, because the springy feet and pouch are missing, and you're only fooling yourself.