Monday, January 4, 2016

When Writing Becomes Our Addiction by Linda S. Glaz

Well, maybe not an addiction, but we are unable to see past our noses when it comes to priorities. Okay, maybe it’s almost the same thing. We wake up, grab a coffee—a giant coffee, and dash to our computers. Have the characters survived without us? What will happen to them if we don’t give them our immediate attention? You can almost hear them calling your name!

It is so very easy to get completely engrossed in our characters’ journeys. In the twists and turns that will become a wonderful plot. And, in doing so, we forget what we’re about.

So, yes. We are addicted to writing. And just when we think we might be able to beat this weight on our backs, the voices in our heads start again, and off we go like a horse at the gate!

For those feeling a tad down on us about it, remember that many are also addicted to their church activities. So come back to earth with the rest of us. C’mon. Be honest. Most of us have some activity for which we have little discipline. A writer’s vice is pretty obvious as supper burns while a plot thickens instead of the pudding.

We live vicariously through our characters’ lives. We help them create havoc, fall in love, whimper and sigh, growl and bark. And even commit murder. But we are there with them. Side by side with some of the sweetest, some of the smarmiest, some of the most evil and distraught people who will ever live…so-called.

And then something traumatic happens in our own lives. We find our characters aren’t as important as, well…life. We are kept from our keyboards. Withdrawal. Help! Sometimes it even drives you crazy!!!

Then life resolves, and we move on. We return to the land of imagination and live, once again, with wonderfully created people. 

Ah, the wonderful writer’s life. A mind that twists and turns, imaging the worst in every situation. Unexpected romance. One crazy idea weaving and bobbing into another. Yes, such an addiction, I don’t ever want an intervention. I’ll take it. Live with it. Explore it. Embrace it.
How about you?


Elaine Stock said...

Me too! No intervention for me either. I'm always saying that God and my writing are the reasons why I'm halfway sane.

Linda Glaz said...

I totally get it!

Diana Flegal said...

Ha, that's why I love hanging out with you all. You help make me look 'normal'. Grin!

Linda Glaz said...

Yup, we have to take what we can get, right? LOL
Writing does come from rather bizarre minds. Who thinks this stuff up, anyway???

Janet Grunst said...

I find it fascinating when the characters seem to go off in their own direction and I have to run to keep up with them.

Linda Glaz said...

Me, too. That's always a great writing day. LOL

Karla Akins said...

I only wish I could write first thing in the morning. That's my dream! Someday! At least I am learning to like coffee. A little. Cappuccino is coffee, right? Right? Love my new Keurig!

Linda Glaz said...

oh, yes
Keurig. My husband's fave. And you can call anything that has a tad of coffee in! Even with flavors. LOL