Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hope and Encouragement Found in Community by Diana Flegal

The Circles of Hope nonprofit program, founded by Scott Miller, Co-Founder of Move The Mountain Leadership Center, brings together the best efforts and resources of individuals, organizations, communities, and government in a program proven to raise people out of poverty. Operating in 23 states and 62 communities, Circles is committed to helping families build new systems of support.  

Such a worthy mission. But its success is related to a system of support, encouragement, and community.

Support enables us to stretch further, be bolder, and accomplish much more.

This also relates to the writing life.

When we find support, and feel safe expressing ourselves, we become better writers.

Though writers initially express concern their ideas will be stolen, or they are too embarrassed to share their first efforts at a novel, the benefits of joining a writers group quickly dissolve those misgivings.  

Community and encouragement are essential needs of the creative. Crave it. Seek it out.

Question: Have you found or built a community of writers?


Jody said...

Undoubtedly, my local critique group has been a godsend, as well as the Hartline community. Nothing like cheering on and encouragement from like-minded folks!

Diana Flegal said...

Jody, I agree. I get that same encouragement and community from all of you as well as from the other Hartline Agents.
Most published authors say they would have never gotten published without the support of their writers group. :-) Glad you are plugged in.

sunny said...

I've recently moved from California to North Carolina. In California I had two amazing writer's groups. Since I'm new to this beautiful area, I'm still searching, still reaching out in an attempt to build a circle of writer friends. Personally, I think friends are as important as writer-friends. Every heart connection adds to my creative drive.

Thanks for the thoughtful blog post, Diana.

Diana Flegal said...

So glad Sunny you are now in my back yard. Hoping to get you connected!

Cary Sanchez said...

My writing group has helped me tremendously. I am fairly new to the writing world and the past two years with them has helped me grow and has allowed me to develop a network of trusted mentors.

Dr Ron Hestand said...

Unfortunately, I have not found or started such a community. I'm a 100% disabled American Veteran. I have written for publication years ago, but once I started my Doctoral program in Counseling Psychology, and began working at the Okeechobee Correctional Facility, and teaching at night at So. Florida Community College, I didn't have time.

I now belong to the Scottish Rite, and the Shriners, who do have such communities that I can work with. My interest in such a community would be the homeless Vets, drug addicts, assisting convicts to adjust to life on the outside.

I'm currently not working on a book, but concentrating on articles, and seeking an agent who works with article writers.

I do have a book or two that are in the back of my mind, but are far from coming forward.