Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Read and Grow Healthy by Andy Scheer

There’s nothing like pumping books.

The day after federal health watchdogs released their latest dietary recommendations, I encountered an infographic titled Benefits of Reading.

Rather than make me worry about my intake of salt, sugar, caffeine, or cholesterol, this online poster gives me comfort. While I’m not an Olympic-level reader, my time with a book, magazine, or an e-reader, does more than exercise my mind. It’s also good for my body.

Follow the link and you’ll see that just six minutes of reading (why stop so soon) can ease muscle tension and reduce stress more than listening to music (68%), drinking tea (100%), and walking (300%). Who knows how much you’d benefit if you listened to music, sipped tea, and took along a book on your walk.

There’s more. People with improved literacy, the infographic claims, have higher incomes, are more likely to own their home, and are less likely to divorce. And by reading aloud to young children you boost their brain development, build a stronger relationship with them, and encourage their academic success.

The graphic claims there’s nothing like a brain on books. The act of reading:
—expands your vocabulary
—boosts your memory
—develops your analytic skills
—improves your communication skills
—enhances your ability to focus

So take time from your health-inducing reading to reflect on how much good you’re doing for yourself and those around you.

Caution: If you’re skeptical about these research-supported findings, federal experts advise against taking them with more than one grain of salt.


Diana Flegal said...

Woo Hoo! Thanks Andy for this good news! I am happy to know I am so healthy. Verifys what I always suspected. Very few fights ever break out at a book club or in a bookstore. :-)

Andy Scheer, Hartline Literary said...

That might make a good writing prompt: Last night a fight broke out at the bookstore ...

Dr Ron Hestand said...

I've been an avid reader since the second grade, where I was reading books from the attached high school's library. They were my escape.

Books led me to my former profession as a Forensic/Prison Psychologist.

I have Kindle on my iPhone, my iPad, my computer, and of course I have a Kindle, so I am never without a book. I read every spare minute.

Literacy was high in my priorities raising my kids. I taught my son the values of reading, now he shares my passion.