Monday, August 31, 2015

School’s Almost Here…More Writing Time by Linda S. Glaz

Do you wait for school to begin so that you have more writing time? I know a lot of moms who can barely hang on until the summer is over and the new school year starts in order to have more time at the computer.
It goes something like exchanging “I’m bored” for an exotic land where romance finds the plain librarian. “What can we do?” for a mother’s devotional for keeping one’s sanity in a houseful of children. A story in intrigue and suspense where a stronger than Bond woman saves humanity in the nick of time. Then there’s chasing down backpacks and homework, “I don’t KNOW where I left it!” only to be left with a dashing cowboy who will help you wrangle the farm’s mortgage from the banker’s greedy hands. And sweet, stolen kisses. Almost always kisses.
See? No telling where your day will take you once the kiddles are out the door. And while you love them, you can’t wait to sink into the computer chair and start dreaming. Start putting your personal voice to the words.
Does the housework always get done? Sadly, no. But you do enough laundry to get them through the weekend, supper is generally ready on time(if not, there’s always chicken nuggets), and you save enough energy for soccer and gym classes.
And while you aren’t sure where that cowboy is going to ride in from, or how you’ll balance on a huge drone in order to drop into enemy fire, you know that tomorrow, it will start all over again. Your fingers will fly on the keyboard, and you’ll be able to escape for a few minutes or a few hours to a place where no apple cores and orange peels hide under the couch cushions. And no dust bunnies will stop you from saving mankind!


Deborah Dee Harper said...

Wonderful, Linda! Although my kids are grown and way past those days, I still remember them. Great post.


Linda Glaz said...

I do, too. Miss them, actually.