Thursday, November 6, 2014

Starting over by Terry Burns

That's what it feels like.

We just had to make an unscheduled move. It took the biggest part of my time for an entire month. I took care of urgent things for my clients but the routine work had to go undone. The clients were caring, understanding and patient.

Now, even though I still have things associated with the move that need to be done, my work for my clients takes center stage again. But it is amazing how out of touch I feel. It is indeed as if I am starting over. Once again my clients are coming to my rescue.

I asked for an update as to what they are waiting on, what they feel I need to be doing for them and what they are working on. I'm comparing what they tell me to my notes so I can be a bit more confident that I have correctly identified the things that need to be done and the status of all clients.

They are giving these updates on the closed access client loop so each of them are also getting an update on what all the other clients are doing and what they have on their plate at the same time. They are very supportive of one another and like to see these updates.

I suppose it will take a bit to feel like I am back in the saddle again and feel like I'm on top of everything.

How does the old saying go? Lord, please grant me patience . . . and I need it right now!

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