Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Don't Fall Off the Grid by Andy Scheer

Last week I slipped off the grid. For two days, I lost access to my business email.

I didn't see it coming. Nor did I have a recovery plan. If it ever happens to you, I hope you're prepared.

Unfortunately, my email account was linked to the company that hosted my website. I should have realized that connection, but I was concentrating on my need to switch to a hosting company with better website options.

Making the switch was hard. My techie daughter-in-law needed a half-hour to navigate the obstacles.

Then the old hosting (and email) company dragged its feet. But after five business days, they threw the switch.

I discovered the change Tuesday morning as I checked my business email. No new messages—not even spam. After a half-hour on hold, my former hosting company told me they'd made the change—and that I'd have to take up the email issue with the new company.

After another half-hour on hold, the new firm said they'd activate my account in twenty-four to forty-eight hours. But no worry, they'd notify me via email. Unfortunately I forgot that the address to which they'd send notice was the one caught in limbo.

Fortunately, I had an alternate email address. I used it to alert my most important associates and clients that my main address was down. For everyone else, I hoped my posting on Facebook would help.

Two days dragged by. Time to work on other projects—and hope I wasn't missing anything vital.

Yesterday morning I decided to test if the new connection was available. It was. I improvised a way to check my emails and began assembling my new website.

A couple of lingering issues remain that may need my daughter-in-law's help. I can only hope that what I intend as the final round of technical changes don't bring even more unintended consequences.


Davalyn Spencer said...

Ugh- so unpleasant. I have several email accounts for various purposes. Amazing how dependent we've become on electronic communication.

Andy Scheer, Hartline Literary said...

Almost as bad, this morning my cell phone went missing. If you find it, give me a call -- on my home number.

Diana Flegal said...

We live in the Jetson age, but it has it's weaknesses for sure. Andy, what a blessing you have a daughter-in-law to turn to. And only a half hour wait on the phone with each company? That is really great. I know you, so I know you counted all your blessings in the midst of this trial. When we get in pickles like this, I chuckle to think of the party lines my grandparents had. Each nosy neighbor was a safety net for them. :-)