Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Being Positive Through the Holidays - It’s Not Economics, It’s Mindset by Diana Flegal

The publishing industry has been hit hard by the economy, and due to it, many publishers have downsized, or sold out to the Big Five – which used to be the Big Six. Smaller publishers have closed, and editors are changing desks so much, I as an agent feel as if I have bought a ticket to the circus as I spend my time watching the editors swing from publisher to publisher, then onto freelance jobs, or out of sight altogether. Popcorn!? Cotton Candy!?

I am thankful for the small publishers that have started up in response to the traditional publisher’s failure to take a chance on the debut author. Thank you for providing a home for worthy books. 

Others have been hit by the economy as well.

Just tonight on the local news here in small town USA, it was reported that Retail theft is on the rise. According to economists, retail theft, combined with employee theft, costs U.S. businesses an estimated $42 billion a year. They cite the jobless situation as the cause and incentive for the increased theft.

I am thankful for my job.

Marilyn Geewax wrote recently in a blog titled The Economics of Thanksgiving 2014, several things we can give thanks for like, Gasoline prices are a bargain. The average gallon is hovering around $2.85, compared with $3.28 last year, AAA says.

I raise a glass of Root Beer in thanks to that one.

Fox Business News reports with the second polar vortex bearing down, fourth and first quarter GDP may not come in as rosy as expected.

Business Insider says: Thanksgiving inflation is flat this year. The average cost of a Thanksgiving Day dinner for 10 people this year is $49.41, an increase of $0.37 from last year's $49.04, but still a tiny bit lower than 2012's $49.48, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation. Read more:

I am thankful my son and I will be enjoying a Thanksgiving meal this week with my brother and his family.

Invoke conducted an Invoke Live Study with 300 participants to understand how Americans holiday celebrations have been impacted by the economy. “75% of participants stated that the poor economy is going to impact their holiday spending at least somewhat, with 35% saying it is going to have a major impact”. They also reported most folks will still be buying gifts for the children, even if they have to sacrifice travel plans and shop for deals.

Since I am really just a big kid myself, I'm thinking my gift prospects are still decent, right Santa?

Fox Business News also noted: Economic predictions are about as reliable as weather forecasts—a footnote that should be mandatory in all Wall Street reports.

So as the snow flurries fly and blanket a large portion of the country today and the Polar Vortex twists and turns, consider the things we can be Thankful for.

Our jobs, our health, our family, and the publishers we know and work with. And extra time to write the book we have been meaning to.

Gobble Gobble!

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