Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hack Your Breakfast by Andy Scheer

Words are tricky. It's bad enough that they can mean more than one thing. (The classic example is trunk.) Worse, a word's meaning can keep changing – without filing due notice.

A promotional email this past week from the Johnsonville sausage company reminded me I'm hopelessly behind the curve on one term's transformation.

I thought I knew the meaning of “hack.” Then I read this subject line: “Hack Your Morning Time With Johnsonville’s New Breakfast Links.”

I knew that today, “hack” means more than a smoker's cough or what someone does with an ax (or a golf club). I knew about computer hackers – who break in and vandalize software.

But malicious destruction didn't seem a reasonable goal for one's breakfast – at least not one a sausage company would admit. In case you like hacking (of whatever kind) the email included a link (pun intended) to an opportunity to a :30 Second Morning Hack sweepstakes and game on Pinterest.

I'll let you check it out – and the potential results on your own breakfast. Meanwhile, I'll stick with bacon.


Anonymous said...

After asking my 32 year old daughter what she though that tagline referred to I get it now. She said because the sausage is so easy to fix yu can interrupt your breakfast by adding their sausage. So hack can also means interrupt. Interesting but still weird to me. I'm with yuo Andy. Don't care to hack my breakfast.
Cindy Huff

Andy Scheer, Hartline Literary said...

To avoid the appearance of hacking, this morning I had oatmeal. I hope the process of adding raisins didn't qualify as hacking.

Diana Flegal said...

Thanks for the good recipes. I entered the contest!
There are even life hacks for writers :-)Here is my blog post on the subject