Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Agent Confession by Diana Flegal

I do not know many in this business that are not freelancing to supplement their income.

Writers have down time in between deadlines and write articles for extra income.

Agents edit for publishers.

Ex-editorial agents that live in the 'downsized' zone, are freelancing, and agenting, and writing.

It can be a juggling act of great proportion.

All for the love of words.

In a frenzy of preparation for an upcoming conference, the result of a freelance job, and having just moved all while knowing I had a stack of things waiting to be read from clients and people from previous conferences, I was losing it. Quietly, privately, only letting family and friends know- certainly not my clients.They need to know I'm hot on the chase for their publisher or mid read in their 'hard to put down' manuscript. Right? And I usually am dear reader. But I was exhausted and had run out of gas.

And in my cry of desperation to the shepherd of my life- he led me to a 'green pasture' and gave me a day off. This is what it looked like yesterday and why I am just now writing this blog and posting it so late.

A drive across the state of North Carolina. Mountains rising against sun and clouds doing a graceful dance. On the way to a clients house to pick up some paper work I had forgotten the day before- a three hour round trip I had not planned. That's when I got permission to take a day off.

So I stopped by Lake James. Kicked my sandals off, rolled my pant legs up and walked in the 'warm as bath water' lake. 


Picked up some lake glass. Gazed at the beauty around me, spoke to strangers and smiled at children gleefully enjoying their day off school. (not sure why no school). And on my way home, refreshed and thankful, a friend and her husband called and invited me out to dinner.

After all of this, I made it in time to keep my scheduled hair appointment. (I am now a redheaded pixi). Way too short! Oh well, not worth fretting over, right?

Getting ready last night for bed, I realized I was looking forward to the next day of work, and my upcoming conference.

Folks, we need to play once in a while. It makes us better at our jobs. And since I will be working this Saturday, my day off fell in the middle of the week. Who knew! #bestdayinalongtime #unscheduledjoy

Give yourself permission to play. Schedule it. #lifeistooshortafterall

BTW: Here is a great blog about 'burnout'. 



Karen Nolan Bell said...

Even Jesus to a solo vacation to re-charge. So, it's Biblical. Glad you're feeling revived. I think I need one of those days.

Karen Nolan Bell said...

I have no idea how that sentence ended up the way it is. Maybe I really, really need a day of play. It should have read *took* a solo vacation,not *to* a solo vacation.

Diana Flegal said...

Yep Karen, it is time you headed 'to' a vacation. Even one day can set us back on track :-)

Rick Barry said...

Your theory is supported by one of this country's most famous military leaders: "The more complex the mind, the greater the need for the simplicity of play." --James T. Kirk

(Yes, I more often write about World War II, but I still have a sci-fi side.) ;)

Kimberly Rae said...

Jesus told His disciples to "come away" with Him and rest for awhile. I hope God gives you another day of joyful rest again soon!

Yvonne Lehman said...

Hey, glad you had that day off and especially glad you're looking forward to the next conference. Would that be my Novel Retreat?

Cynthia Lott Vogel said...

SO! Do we get a glimpse of the pixie fey haircut? I WANNA SEE IT!! I definitely think you can carry it off.
So glad to hear "He restored thy soul." Big hug.

Diana Flegal said...

Ha Yvonne, not yet. But I'll be ready for that one too. And as for photos of the pixi cut, maybe soon. :-)

Diana Flegal said...

Rick, I am a HUGE Trekie! Really like that quote!

jan said...

A great post and a great reminder! I'm convinced that if we don't slow down once in a while God will step in and help us with it. A broken ankle works well, as does a paralyzing snowstorm, or a burned out transmission. Next week I'll be taking some time off to enjoy a week on the OBX, in your neck of the woods, with family and friends. Also, in my opinion, you can never wear your hair too short. Love to see it...

Jeanette Levellie said...

I am glad you shared your human side, Princess Di. Of course we all have that occasional melt down, and it feels so freeing to say, "Arrrghhh! I can't do this alone. Help me, Lord."

I love you for your transparency,

Elaine Miller said...

Agree! Agree! Agree! By the way, none of your clients want you to burn out. Then what good would you be to us? We love you, Diana. Keep healthy!

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