Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Book Signings and American Idol by Diana Flegal

Displaying Divine Momemts Cvr Yvonne.jpgI participated in my first book signing last night at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference at the Lifeway Christian Conference Center outside Black Mountain, NC. I am now a published author. Woot!

Last year I was one of many people asked to contribute a personal story  into a compilation of 50 inspirational stories of God's amazing presence in our lives. Our Divine Moments.

When I was told the presentation of the books to us would be made last evening and that there would be a book signing to follow, I was torn. American Idol was airing at 8pm and I did not want to miss it. Caleb Johnson - an Asheville hometown boy is one of the two finalists. 

I figured I would stand with the others as Yvonne Lehman announced our names and I would then head for the fellowship room where one of the few T.V.'s was located instead of hanging around. As I was walking for the exit, we were all besieged by people who had purchased our book and some wanted my signature. I have to admit it was a lot of fun and I lost track of time.

I made it to the T.V. in time to catch the last performances of the Idol  contestants.

I don't think I am going to let this go to my head. :-) But I do want to tell you all. It is a great book. The contributors have written some very inspirational stories and I am looking forward to spending Saturday morning in my jammies reading them all.

Thank you Yvonne Lehman for offering us all the opportunity to share our personal stories of when God showed up in our daily lives.

Note to self: Remember to bring a pen to the next book signing!



Davalyn Spencer said...

Congratulations! So happy for you.

Lydia Harris said...

Good for you! Congratulations.

It's fun to contribute to compilations. Two of my devotions appear in a new devotional for college students. The book is called Rise, and I'm excited to give it to some recent high school grads I know.

Anonymous said...

Dear Diana, congratulations !
I had the pleasure to meet you by the elevators, during the genre night. I enjoyed talking to you and feel honored and blessed that you took interest in me and my writings. I was the one in long nostalgic dress.May God bless you and inspire you to pen down many more stories. Mirjami Budarz