Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What Have You Learned Lately? by Andy Scheer

Veteran writer Bob Hostetler showed no surprise this past weekend during the Writing for the Soul conference when I attended his class on nonfiction one-sheets.

Nor did Jerry Jenkins raise an eyebrow when several faculty members themselves professional editors attended our “thick-skinned manuscript clinics.”

One faculty member did say she was startled when another staffer – whod headed a publishing house and taught journalism for decades came to hear her teach. What surprised her was that he sat in the middle of the front row.

If you want to grow in your writing craft, Jerry Jenkins told the conferees, you never stop learning.

In Bob Hostetlers class, I picked up some solid tips on preparing one-sheets. What have you learned lately?


Ron Estrada said...

After reading The Moral Premise and a few blog posts on the same subject, I'd say that the direct connection between the inner and outer journey of my protagonist has been the major revelation in my life. I've even read (and agreed) that the outer journey is merely a reflection of the inner, as opposed to the other way around.

It's true, a writer can never stop learning. The trick is to admit that you need to start learning. I could have salvaged a few years if I'd known that sooner.

Diana said...

Absolutely a must!

Rick Barry said...

I've also noticed publishing veterans sitting in each others' workshops to stay sharp in their field. That should be a lesson to all of us.