Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Writers and Stewardship by Andy Scheer

“You have a big responsibility,” I told her at the end of the Writing for the Soul conference.

Through a weekend packed with twelve class hours and six keynotes, she’d learned a lot. Now comes applying what she learned.

She already has a speaking ministry to teens. Her nonfiction sample I evaluated shows great potential.

But she’s behind the curve in presenting her material online — either to publicize her work or to enable access by online readers. She’s more relational than a techie.

Shouldn’t be a problem,” I said. “Find people who are. Concentrate on what you do well, and enlist the help of people with the website and technical skills you lack.”

With 25 of the conference’s 70 sessions devoted to promotion and marketing, she’d been given access — either live or through recordings — to what she needs to apply. I hope she does.

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Linda Glaz said...

I think, sometimes, we forget just what that responsibility means for us.