Monday, February 24, 2014

Theatre and Fiction Part III Linda S. Glaz

Now, it's your turn. A few of you have let me know how you make your characters come alive, but let's have an interactive lesson.
How do you, the writer, research your character so that he or she is a real person, not merely a
character in a book--or on the stage? Do you create their personalities with lists of emotional baggage or do you allow the character to develop a personality as you write?
How do you keep your characters three dimensional as has been mentioned in the last two post on theatre and fiction?
Take a look at this character and tell me something about her?
Who is she?
Where is she?
What on earth is she doing?
Pick a genre:
How would you describe her personality in your novel?
Come on; let's have some fun with this!


Linda Glaz said...

Let's have some fun with this crazy lady!

Ron Estrada said...

Okay, I'll bite.

My character is a 42 year old Wall Street executive who's been framed for his company's misdealings which, as it so happens, triggered the final collapse of the US economy (you should have expected this from me).

His name is TJ Coolidge and now he's on the run. He's built up this life in Manhattan, where he's enjoyed power and luxury. Now he's living in an old Airstream, in a county park turned workers camp, in a small Ohio town.

His goal is to clear his name and return to the life he built. What he's about to encounter is a new America, where he'll have to choose between the security he once knew and the dangerous freedom set before him.

Right now, he's in Act 2A. He's trying to settle into his new environment, surrounded by poverty stricken migrant workers, and figure out how to find the woman who set him up, who also happens to be his fiancee. I think I left him sitting at a bar in the Apollo Tavern in Plum Creek, Ohio. He's eavesdropping on a group of men who are planning to force the local orchard owners to pay them fair wages (and actual money). The 16 year old girl who stowed away in his trailer just joined him and solicited the owner for a waitressing job.

I'm enjoying the story...can you tell?