Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Back Up Plan by Diana Flegal

As we commemorate the 9-11 terror attack 12 years ago, the thoughts and prayers of Hartline's agents and authors are with those that lost so much that horrific day. We lift up those in authority that are burdened with the responsibility of keeping us safe. Father, we ask that you would provide them with the wisdom they need to guard us. Fill our hearts with love toward all, help us to not foster hatred toward anyone and be peacemakers. Amen.   

I had an external hard drive once, but then my son confiscated it and poof, no more. I was backing up my files with a flash drive, but have been wanting to secure my files a better way. Dropbox was recommended to me.

Yesterday I posted on FB that I was reading up on Dropbox and a gazillion comments entered my comment box. Well okay- 60 plus comments came in. Hartline agent Terry Burns remarked: Dropbox allows me to use my files on my home or travel computer - it keeps them synchronized. A lot of comments mentioned loving the syncing option. It automatically syncs all files to all of your computers and even your smart phone.

All but three of the comments were positive re Dropbox. Enough to show me that many of you are doing what I am doing. Securing our files.

Dropbox protects your work, and lets your team get to their files from any computer, phone, or tablet. Forget email attachments, servers, and FTP — sharing the right files with the right people is fast and simple with Dropbox. Dropbox for Business includes unlimited version history, so you can track changes and recover your work. (Although one commenter said his files were not recovered by Dropbox). Several churches mentioned using it and sharing files easily.

Three other backup options were shared on this list as being helpful also:

Capture everything. Save your ideas, things you like, things you hear, and things you see. Access everywhere. Evernote works with nearly every computer, phone and mobile device out there. Find things fast. Search by keyword, tag or even printed and handwritten text inside images.

Crash Plan
CrashPlan+ cloud backup secures your irreplaceable photos, music and documents offsite, safe from the potential mishaps that can befall your computer. Unique multi-destination support means your most important files can be backed up to the CrashPlan Central cloud, an external drive, securely to a friend's computer, or all three for maximum protection.

Mozy offers a number of backup solutions to fit your individual needs. For non-commercial backup of your personal files, including music, photos, home videos, and personal tax records, check out the simplicity of MozyHome. If you have a business looking to back up business data, financials, and other important files for multiple users or servers, MozyPro is your best solution.

Maybe it is time you had a back up plan?

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David B. Smith said...

Thanks for the poignant note about 9/11. It's good to pause and reverence the pain of others.

Ruby said...

There are already a lot of people who are doing the backup thing. Of course, who would want to lose their data? None, right? So everyone is trying out every online backup tool that's offering low rates but has a powerful and versatile service.
Ruby Badcoe @ Williams Data Management

Manda Maldanado said...

It's time to have a backup plan! I've been writing for decades and some of my works were wasted because I didn't have a contingency plan. Thanks to cloud storage systems, I can create multiple copies of my literary piece and access them easily. It's a convenient way to work and to submit your articles.

Manda Maldanado @