Thursday, September 29, 2011

Meeting at the Arch by Terry Burns

American Christian Fiction Writers is the premier organization for Christian Fiction Writers with over 3000 members, nearly 700 of which gathered under the Arch in St Louis for their annual meeting. It was an amazing event.

I was very proud that my good friend and client Bonnie Calhoun won the prestigous Mentor of the Year Award. It was so well deserved as Bonnie is the computer guru not only for me (invaluable on both my personal site and the Hartline site) but answers computer and blogger questions for countless members in the organization. Her Christian Fiction Online Magazine is an irreplaceable resource for Christian Writers. Well done, Bonnie.

We were also very proud that Hartline Founder Joyce Hart was one of three finalists for the Agent of the Year Award. Joyce has been a leading agent in the Christian writing community for longer than the ten years ACFW has been in existence and had a lot of people pulling for her.

I was proud to have nine of my clients there in addition to the clients that were there represented by the other Hartline agents. They spread out working the conference like pros, attending classes, gathering publishing information that they will all feed back to be used by all of us, and networking like crazy. They are from left to right, Emily Hendrickson (my editorial asst who writes as Emily Reynolds), Linda Glaz (Hartline agent as well as a client), Teresa Hooley Slack, Cheryl Linn Martin (who had not one but two 3 book offers to choose from while at the conference), me looking like a thorn in a rose garden, Linda Schab peeking over Pam's shoulder, Pam Meyers, and Bonnie Calhoun holding her Mentor of the Year award. Not pictured but with us at the conference was Kevin Parsons, Suzanne Hartmann and Regina Smeltzer.

It was a fast paced conference with great faculty and content. Each day featured uplifting worship opportunities and a constant stream of opportunities to pitch projects. Now I have to turn my attention to making all of the submissions my clients were able to get requested in these sessions.

See you next year in Dallas


Linda Glaz said...

What an amazing group to work with! Amazing the way God brings people together who lift each other up.

Davalyn Spencer said...

Congratulations, Joyce, and all of you!

Patty Wysong said...

I was THRILLED to hear Bonnie won the Mentor of the Year. She's wonderful!!

Martha Ramirez said...

So awesome! Congrats Bonnie and Joyce! Very well deserved!!

Rick Barry said...

Although the first couple of conferences that a writer attends will probably seem the most brain-expanding, those who come eager to soak up more information and inspiration at ACFW conferences will definitely do both year after year. The opportunities for author and agent interviews increase the value of the whole experience.

If any new writers aren't sure where to learn more, then let me direct your attention to We always have room for newcomers!

Bonnie S. Calhoun said...

ACFW is an amazing organization, and a "must have" for any Christian writer trying to navigate our industry. I thank God for bringing us all together. And thank you to all our well-wishers.