Monday, July 5, 2010

If you are waiting on something from me . . . by Terry Burns

In case you haven't heard we brought my mother to the hospital in an ambulance unable to breathe. It turns out that she has congestive heart failure with water in her lungs (not ruling out pneumonia) - and after the blood work was processed discovered she has a staph infection on top of that. It has been very touch and go.

There have literally been hundreds of emails and facebook messages. I can't answer all of them, of course, but your prayers and expressions of concern mean a lot to us.

As to a specific up to the minute update, Mom slept very well last night - until about 4 - then was agitated for a while until we got something for her and Saundra gave her a massage.

Doctors were encouraged and instead of talking about hospice are talking about extended care at a facility where they can continue the IV's and the antibiotic regimine.

Haven't been able to get her to eat anything - until I thought of the chocolate self-serve ice cream in the cafeteria - two full bowls of that have disappeared. She has never refused ice cream in her entire life.

The kids are coming in to check on her this weekend. She's still not out of the woods but we have reason to be encouraged. She is more responsive and answers questions in a sing-song "little girl" voice that is so funny. I told her that her color was better after two units of blood and she wanted to know "what color?"

Needless to say we are here 24/7 so if you are waiting on me for something I apologize and I do try to do what I can in small snatches of time here but I know I am getting behind. My clients are being wonderful about it and my five assistants are helping take up the slack but still I know it is going to continue to be a problem until we get her over the hump.

Thank you for your patience . . . and we do covet your prayers.



Lynda Schab said...

Still praying, Terry.

Jessica Nelson said...

I'm sorry. :-( Will be praying for you all.

Martha Ramirez said...

What a precious pic of Mom. It makes me want to give her a great big hug. Still praying for her.
May peace and a rapid recovery bless your family, Terry.

Jeanette Levellie said...

No, I hadn't heard. Thanks for aprising us, Terry. Praying right now for this precious lady.

Rita Gerlach said...

Your mom looks so much like my mother Rose. Precious, kind, and full of wisdom.

writer jim said...

How we love our Moms. How we thank God for them. Prayers for you and your Mom.

Kelly Freestone said...

I'm so sorry, Terry.
God be with her.