Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Friend Dan by Joyce Hart

On a recent Facebook entry Gloria Penwell shared with FB friends that her husband Dan Penwell has only three months to live. This is hard news to receive.

I have known Dan for probably close to 28 or 29 years. Dan was the book buyer at Zondervan Family Stores when I first knew him. I was a sales rep at Whitaker House Publishing. My boss, Bob Whitaker, Sr. told me I had to get our books into the Zondervan Family Stores (at that time Zondervan owned the Family Christian Stores). I called Danny every week for months and I finally got an appointment to come up to the corporate offices for a meeting with him and the other officials of the company. I was terrified, but I flew up and bravely went into the meeting. I got on their radar and Zondervan Family Stores became my largest account. When I went up for appointments on a regular basis after that, Dan used to introduce me with, "This is Joyce Hart, she’s persistent and consistent.” It’s been a pleasure fellowshipping at Writer’s Conferences and ICRS with Dan. He is a dear friend.

Please pray for Dan, God could give us a miracle. Also pray for Gloria and their family.

John Vonhuf has sent out this message to writers (it can be to any friends of Dan)
“Fellow writers,

Many on this list know Dan Penwell. Dan has been an acquisitions editor at
AMG for years and was a frequent speaker at writer¹s conferences across the
country. He has had a number of health issues related to his battle with
prostate cancer. Gloria, his wife, recently posted on Facebook that Dan has
been given three months to live.

Would you please be a part of my effort to give Dan a booklet of personal
notes from those he has touched over the years. I invite you to write a
short note of how Dan has shaped your writing, helped you get published, how
he has encouraged you, or any other personal note. Let¹s share words of
gratitude and encouragement so Dan and Gloria will know how he has impacted
our lives.

Send me an email as soon as possible. Next week I will be asking writers at
Mount Hermon to do the same. We don't have much time to do this. Thank you.

John Vonhof
jvonhof@verizon.net “

Dan has bravely fought this illness for a long time. He has come to conferences not really feeling well. Many people would not have had the fortitude and stamina to teach and meet with authors as he has with his health problems. Be sure to write to John with stories about Dan’s encouragement to you. One thing I can say, he wrote the nicest rejection letters in the industry.

God bless and keep you,



writer jim said...

I feel like an intruder; so please remove my comments if they could come across somehow wrongly.

When I read about Dan; it reminded me of a friend that had the worst kind of liver cancer. The doctors said her life would end in less than a month for sure. But God told me differently: God was right: HE can do TRUE miraculuous healings.

You have called on people to do some nice things to show thanks to Dan. May I add a suggestion that ALL those friends cry out to God with great THANKS to Him... concerning how HE used Dan. All friends appeal to God with exceedingly great praise and THANKS. God Almighty can be much moved by our thanksgiving.


When our baby was six months old; the doctors told us she had such a severe deformation of her bones, that she would not be able to walk, and not even crawl...she would only be able to learn to drag herself on her belly with her hands and arms. The specialist showed us the x-rays...and we were utterly devastated.

I knew my only hope was in God's supernatural power. I got home and held my baby and prayed, "Dear God, you know that my whole life I have always fervently THANKED You continually for everything in life...rather than ASKING You for things. But now, finally, I'm here to ASK You for something: God!!!! Please heal my baby!!!!"
I took her back to the doctor, and as soon as he felt her little body he was stunned...and did another X-ray. He went into shock, and said "This is unheard of ...she is 100% totally normal!!"

Jeanette Levellie said...

Wow, anyone who writes lovely rejection letters is a keeper!

Jesus has not changed; He is still the healer. I will be more than happy to pray for Dan.

Daniel is my brother's, uncle's and grandson's name. It means "God is my judge." He's a just and merciful judge.