Friday, March 26, 2010

Guest blog by Diana's client Eddie Jones


1) Stress less. The gulls do not store up for themselves fish and shrimp and yet they do not starve. If a bird can find food enough each day so can a man, woman and child.

2) Love more. Love is free. Taxed, but still free. Families and friends remain the true source of significance. A life loved and being loved will outlast any economic downturn, so share more, not less.

3) Give it all to God. Nations rise and fall. Economies expand and collapse. Through it all, God remains on His throne. Whatever financial difficulties you face today God foresaw it long ago and will see you through. During tough times you may be tempted to recoil, retreat and redouble your efforts, but God’s economy calls for to a radical departure from our human response. God says, “Give it up.” Not quit, but let go. Work, yes. Budget, yes. But give whatever remains of your wealth give to Him and trust that He’ll make it stretch to provide for your daily needs.

4) Dream big. Dreams do not die, they only go dormant. A nut buried in the ground does not remain a nut. In time it becomes an oak. You may not see your dreams come true but that doesn’t mean they won’t. History is replete with discoveries born from the grave. Make a photo album of places you’d like to visit and give it away as a gift. Write a letter of past memories and share it with your spouse and children. Our plans for the future begin with our desires of today.

5) Smile often. You matter less than you think and will be missed more than you know so be careful how you live. Your actions and attitudes matter.

6) Trust others. Trust begins with an open hand. We cannot reach for the future with a closed fist. If you want to move forward you will have to trust again. Be wise, be discerning, but trust. This is, after all, the lifeblood of our economy.

7) Let go. You cannot make a sun rise, sparrow sing or rain cloud bloom. You control less than you think, so relax, let go and help those you can.

8) Travel more. Memories cannot be reposed or auctioned off and their value does not fluctuate with the market so travel more, not less. Time is the only contraband you have and what you don’t spend on others you should exchange for memories, so take trips—even if it’s only around the block to a new park, creek or community center. Moving gets us going. (‘Kay, Yogi Berra didn’t say it but he could’ve.)

9) Spend less, savor more. A small meal eaten slowly can fill a hungry belly. Give thanks for the small things and do not begrudge the tough times. You can endure more than we think. You’re an American.

10) Look up. A bowed head will miss the sunrise, sunset and silver lining. Of all creatures, man stands nearest to heaven, so lift your chin, open your eyes and gaze toward the stars.

Thank you Eddie for giving us some ways of looking at our present economic situation in a new and godly way. I am sure every reader will find at least one take away point to help redirect their focus. I have.

From my heart to yours,


Caroline said...

Good advice, Eddie, as usual.

Doreen McGettigan said...

Great advice, I'm smiling!

Nikole Hahn said...

Amen on Number 3!

pat jeanne davis said...

Thank you, Eddie, for this solid advice for these times. Pat

Jeanette Levellie said...

You are so wise, Eddie. You remind me of Someone Else I know...