Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thinking about attending a writer's conference this year? by Joyce Hart

It’s time to start thinking about and planning which writer’s conferences to attend in 2010. The first one that I’m taking part in is the Florida Christian Writer’s Conference, March 4 – 7th. It is at the Lake Yale Conference Center, near Leesburg, Florida. Conference director is Billie Wilson. This is a popular conference with expected attendees of around 250. Keynote speakers are: Eva Marie Everson, Jesse Florea, Jerry Jenkins and Cec Murphy.

The Conference offers the following:
• Appointments with Agents and Editors
• Manuscript Submission to Agents & Editors
• 9 Continuing Classes:
(6 hours of instruction in a genre including a special Teen Track)
• FREE CD of the entire conference to full-time participants
• Mentoring Tracks limited to 10 participants in each track

1. Fiction Project – Ken Kuhlken
2. Fiction Project – Eva Marie Everson
3. Non-Fiction Project – Janis Whipple
• 72 Elective Workshops
• Plus 30 + Freelance Authors

The conference web site is
Blog –
Twitter –
FaceBook –

Even though it is Florida it can be chilly in March. One year I wore my leather coat the whole conference because I was so cold. It would be wise to take sweaters or a light coat, or both. Business casual is the norm. This is a good conference and I highly recommend it.

I will be teaching two workshops, “Do I Need an Agent?” and “Preparing a Winning Proposal”



Cecelia Dowdy said...

I hope you have a great time, Joyce. I also hope it's not too cold this year!

Shmologna said...

I heard Eva Marie Everson, Jesse Florea, and Cecil Murphy at the Blue Ridge Writer's Conference in 2004. I took one of Cecil Murphy's classes. Your conference should be a good one!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing about this Joyce! I look forward to being at the conference this year ... and to my class. We'll talk a lot about the most common mistakes in writing as we look at first pages, character arcs and plot development. I promise it to be an informative class!

Eva Marie Everson

Joyce Hart said...

Thanks for your comments! Cecelia, I have a picture of you, me, Tamela and maybe Janet Benrey or Dorothy Clark that comes up as a screen saver every so often, from the Mid-Atlantic conference :)

Eva Marie, it will be good to see you. I know you have a heart to help writers!

writer jim said...

I live sort of near Leesburg. For the last 10 days or so, it has been the coldest period in decades. Usuually in March it is not cold; every few years there is a 2 day cold spell in March.
Thanks for your good blogs, I enjoy them.