Thursday, January 7, 2010

Are You A Person of Action? by Diana

In the continuing Book review of The Travelers Gift, 7 Decisions That Determine Personal Success written by Andy Andrews, we find our traveler, David arriving at a Gettysburg battlefield in the midst of the Civil War. This chapter provides us with another step toward success. Union Army Colonel Chamberlain of the 20th Maine is orchestrating a drive against the Rebs. Caught between a rock and a hard place, with retreat not an option, men on both sides dying all around him, he has to do something. Doing nothing would result in more deaths. He chose to act, ordering his troops to charge at his exact timed command. Because Chamberlain was a man of action, and he chose to act instead of retreat, his drive succeeded in ending the war. A school teacher that joined up because he believed it ‘was the right thing to do’ became the key element in a battle that had raged on too long.

As writers, editors and agents in the publishing industry we are looking at a New Year with new opportunities to act and resolve, to do something about our goals and move toward our dreams. Doing nothing is not an option. We must take our future into our hands, forget the failures of our past, the rejections from agents and editors, the missed sales and become a person of action. Wishing will not get our book completed, sold or published.

In one of my favorite movies, ‘What About Bob’, Paul Newman plays the role of a psychologist who goes on vacation. His patient, Bob, played by Bill Murray has attachment issues and sneaks along on the family vacation, since he is unable to function without his Dr. Throughout the movie the Dr. tries to get rid of Bob through a series of events that grow more violent. Bob finds himself feeling better and better as the Dr. makes ridiculous attempts on Bob’s life. In each of the freeing circumstances Bob is forced to act. He is forced to take control of his life and actions. Consequently he becomes well. He writes a bestselling book titled, Baby Steps, in which he shares the various ways he baby-stepped his way to health and well being.

As our traveler David witnessed at Gettysburg, a school teacher act in a successful way that is now recorded in History, and Bob in our movie reference resolved his unhealthy behaviors, the key to both of their success’s was taking control of the situation. They took action.

Resolve this year to take action. Baby-step your way toward your list of goals. Even a small step can move you to a new place. Sign up for that Writers Conference, begin or join a writers group, submit that manuscript to an agent. Take an online writers course. Do something. A person of action does not make excuses. Remember, The Buck Stops Here, Seek Wisdom and Become a Person of Action.

This is your year to succeed in your goals.

From my Heart to yours with prayers for your success,



Elaine W. Miller said...

Thanks for the nudge, Diana. I often remind myself that at the end of my days, I don't want to look back and WISH I had written that book. Let us redeem this time God gives us on earth and the gifts He gave each of us for His glory. We are blessed to serve Him.

Jeanette Levellie said...

I loved this book when I read it, but your assessment of it helps me put the principles into practice.

God is active, never passive. We are made in His image, empowered with His spirit, filled with His wisdom.

Great post, Diana!

Millie Samuelson said...

I presume this article is an entry in your book, or it sure should be. . . and so, dear agent Diana, when you finish YOUR book, who will YOUR agent be?? :-)

DebraK said...

Great post Diana and all at Hartline, but I want to point out that, though I feel I learn from all the blogposts, posts since just before Christmas have provided a perfect mix of practical spiritual, professional and personal guidance! Problem is, I jot the date of my fav latest post on a post-it-note and stick it to my laptop so I will remember to go back and re-read the post next time my tank seems a bit empty. But now I can hardly see my laptop. Regardless - thanks to all at Hartline!
Debra K Wilson
PS My re-worked proposal will go out next week!

Joy said...

Thank you for the wonderful article. The idea of baby steps is a great way to move through any obstacle or hurdle one might face in life. It is my mantra... Here's to a New Year filled with lots of health, happiness and baby steps....Who knows what will happen this year... maybe even a few giant steps:)

Pat Jeanne Davis said...

Thank you, Diana, for this post on being proactive with our writing so as to achieve our goals. I also love the movie What About Bob. Blessings in the new year. Pat

patriciazell said...

After the Write-to-Publish conference last June, I began acting on my desire to write a book by starting a blog to do just that. Right now, my book is about half done and people are reading it! I also dove into Facebook and Twitter and began participating in several blogs. Those are my action steps and I'm on my way. Only God knows where I will end up and I am more than willing to trust Him.

Caroline said...

Action, whether small or large, is the key. We can't stand still (stagnate) & expect to get anywhere. Not in physical lives, not in our careers, not in our spiritual lives. Thanks, Diana, for the reminder to keep at it!

writer jim said...

I believe in taking action to obey God. Sometimes He tells me to do a simple, or even a strange, thing.
Late one evening God told me to go to a certain unfamiliar grocery store. When I arrived God told me to park way out in an empty area of the lot. Since I didn't need any goods I went in and just purchased a pack of chewing gum.
As I left the door and walked out towards my car, two men--from different directions--were heading to my car. They both leaned against it.
When I got there I asked them to come together... and told them about Jesus dying to save them. They were both presently seeking salvation; and an "unknown force" had drawed them over to my car. They both accepted Christ.
I plan to take normal action to seek publication; but it feels real good to know that God will always help those that are obeying Him.

Rita Gerlach said...

Thanks for an inspiring article, Diana, and the reminder to set goals. Without them we wander aimlessly.

Jena said...

Excellent, Diana -- one I needed to hear! :-) Thank you!

Linda said...

Good advice and exactly what I'm trying to do. God bless.
Linda Rondeau