Friday, November 6, 2009

Interview with Diana's author Eddie Jones

Dear From the Heart Readers, I introduce to you, author Eddie Jones. Eddie is a humor fiction writer who also has his hand in many other enterprises related to the writing field. Currently Eddie teaches writing at various workshops on the east coast and offers a course online at the following link.

Our Writer’s Workshop will teach you how to craft a compelling story using your words, knowledge and voice. We’ll examine the basic structure of plot and teach you how to map both your fiction and non-fiction story. Yes, all writing, including non-fiction, is story-telling and a well crafted plot pulls the reader forward. This is a four week class for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills and break into the lucrative world of non-fiction and fiction writing.

Eddie, tell us a little more about yourself:

SWM looking for a free-spirited NSF with a love of the sea. I have blue eyes, blonde hair, great pecks and what’s been described as cute… wait. We are talking fiction here, right?

What are you hoping your writing to accomplish?

Usher in world peace, solve the energy crisis, stop global warming and save baby seals. Oh yeah, if it helped pay the mortgage and reflect the grace of God that’d be good, too.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Dreams. Both when I’m sleeping and awake. And from things I want to do but haven’t or can’t. Plus, news events. If you watch and listen to people you’ll realize they’re pretty strange. Doesn’t take much to twist them a little more and send them careening off on an adventure.

Is there an area in your writing that you are working on developing more?

Dialog. ‘Nuff said.

What is your all time favorite writing ‘How To’ book? One that you would like to recommend to other authors.

Fiction first aid, Raymond Obstfeld | Writing the Breakout Novel, Donald Maass | Plot and Structure, James Scott Bell

Have you had to overcome any obstacles in your writing journey?

Only every day. But once I’m out of bed and hitting the keys the boulders roll away. Seriously, the biggest obstacle is believing that anything I write could inspire, enlighten or entertain another person.

What is the most important thing on your current ‘To Do ‘ list?

Land three book contracts. Those are outside my control, though, so I’d say finish the re-write on the first Caribbean Chronicles novel, complete the second story in that series and get back to work on my three other adult novels. I miss my characters and am always glad to find them waiting patiently for me in the Docs folder.

What lead you to the career choice of becoming a writer?

I didn’t have a choice. God made me this way. I’ve always heard words, told lies and spent a lot of my time making up stories in my head. Plus, I’m lousy in math and science and can’t put air in a tire, much less change it. Writing is a terrible way to make a living but really, it’s all I know how to do.

What is your latest fiction book you have written and can you tell us about it?

The Curse of Captain LaFoote. This is the first in The Caribbean Chronicles series. The book tells the story of a boy who has a near death experience and is propelled back into an era of pirates, buried treasure and stunning beauty. ( ah… a pretty girl) The take away for the series is virtues. I have a professional life coach helping me with that part.

What genre do you write and why?

Middle Reader and adult. MR because of the Caribbean Chronicles series and because I never grew up. Adult because I know some of those, too.

How did you research for this book?

I’ve owned sailboats, sailed around the Caribbean and spent a lot of time hiding and finding treasure.

Bridging reality with make believe is the hardest part of writing this series. The “going back in time” gig is common and kids today are so rooted in reality that getting them to believe that there’s more to life that what they see is a challenge. Not sure if I pulled it off, but the trip was fun writing.

What do you hope people will take away from reading your book?

First, I hope kids will find it a fun read, a book they would read again. Second, I hope readers will see the virtue of courage and how when we sacrifice our lives for others we’re following the pattern of Christ – a path that really does lead to abundant living… just not in the ways we’d expected.

What new projects are you working on?

Dixie Chicken, ‘Till Death Do We Part…Again, Jamaican Jerk. I have lots.

Where can people find out more about you and your writing? The programs and speaking that you do? | | ChristianDevotions.US

Some of the best writing advice you ever got involves an animal, can you elaborate on that?

Bring on the bear. Guy Owen, the author of the Flim Flam Man, told our class if there was a bear in the scene to show it in the first paragraph. As long as the reader knows there’s a bear lurking they’ll hang around to see what happens.

The same advice does not always work for every writer. What doesn't work for you?

Plot out your story first. There is a structure to a story but not every pit stop has to be mapped before the journey begins. Some writers can’t leave home without knowing every stop. Others, like me, have a general idea of where we’re going and what they’ll need along the way. Gas, food, rest stops and a place to bed down. Part of the fun of the story is finding those stops along the way.

Anything else you'd like to take this opportunity to say?

Where ever you’re going that’s where you’ll be. Set a course for your dreams today.


Loree Lough said...

What a fun article, and what a great opportunity to get to know you better, Eddie!

Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend. (And seriously... any time you want to practice your dialog? Gimme a call. I'm a 'talk' expert. Why, my husband says I even SLEEP with my mouth open. LOL)

Hugs and blessings!

Doug said...

Nice to meet you Eddie, you are a funny guy. It's always a breath of fresh air to step into the lighter side! :) Wishing you the best.


Anonymous said...

Eddie - if you have already sailed around the carribean on a sail boat, why should you get THREE contracts. I'd settle for your life and ONE book contract.
Great interview, thanks for the laughs.

Max Lewis

Anonymous said...

I am Miggy - you don't know me. I'm the little worn-out stub of a pencil underneath all the rest of you and so this comment will not mean much.
BUT I just finished your interview and I desperately needed to laugh, having just torpedoed my driver's test. (I did not use my turning signals when I parallel parked.)And I have discovered that not too many people know how to make you laugh out loud. You do! Thanks!
Miggie Krentel
(the tired black sheep over in Diana's mucky sheepfold.)

Anonymous said...
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Caroline said...
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Caroline said...

Fun interview, Diana. I'd hold on to this client. Any time we're all depressed we can pull him out & laugh until we've forgotten the blues. Seriously, loved the blog. Thanks, Eddie & Diana!

Unknown said...

Hi Eddie,
So nice to meet you because we have so much in common! Okay, other than the single thing since I'm not. BUT you are writing about pirates, I just finished. You are writing about courage, I am too (but using beauty queens.) You are humorous on purpose, I am humorous accidentally, lol. But I love to laugh :-)

I'm excited that you'll be one of our ACFW authors going to Blue Mountain College in Mississipi to help share the love of and craft of writing.

Please contact me about that trip so I can fill you in on some details.
PR Officer, ACFW

Diana Flegal said...

Angie- Eddie is not Single as he joked about- that is his fictional self. Just wanted to set the record straight:-)and yes Caroline- he is a keeper!