Thursday, November 12, 2009

Being Thankful

Thanksgiving is two weeks from today. Someone suggested o n FaceBook that we write something every day that we’re thankful for. My list is begins with thankfulness that I became a Christian at a very young age (5) and He’s been my Lord and Savior all of my life. The next is on my list is my husband, sons, daughters-in-law and my grandson. Jonathan. I’m thankful for my church, I am thankful that our house and cars are paid for. The cars aren’t brand new, but they are nice. I’m thankful for my colleagues at Hartline Literary Agency and all the Hartline author clients.

Also, I’m thankful for the editors and publishers who make what we do possible. I thank God for my friends at church, my friends in Pittsburgh and all over the country. I can’t forget my sweet English Springer Spaniel doggie, Abbie. I’m thankful for my country and for the brave men and women who defend our freedoms.

I’m thankful to the ones who have given their lives that I might live in this wonderful land. I praise God that I’ve been able to work in the Christian Bookselling Industry, doing a job that I love. Working from home for 19 years and not having to drive the Pennsylvania Turnpike in the snow and rain, with all those big trucks. God is good!

Why don’t each of you think of all the things you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving season. It helps to write them down and to see all the blessings in your lives.

The Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays are busy for all of us. I’ve been shopping in a couple stores the last few days. The sales are amazing. I bought $65 worth of merchandise for $28. I had a $10 off coupon and a 30% off coupon. It makes me wonder if the stores are going to make any profit at all. They seem to be busy and consumers are leaving the stores with big bags in each hand. Buying lots of “stuff.” Someone told me that the stores are not stocking as much inventory this year because the season was slow. Maybe we all have too much “stuff” anyway.

About books, the price wars between Wal-Mart and Amazon are interesting. It means savings for the consumer, but cuts down on the profit for the publisher and the author. And then there are the e-books. It remains to be seen what impact this market will have on print publishing. Amazon took 12 top Literary Agents to Seattle last week. Apparently agents and publishers are worried about losing control on pricing of books, with the $9.99 price on e-books for titles that sell for $25 - $30 in hardback. The article from says: “According to one participant the aim of the meetings was for Amazon to “explain itself” to the agent community, whose members fear that e-books could undermine the book-publishing business much the way that digital file-sharing and iTunes upended the music industry.” The article goes on to say that some publishers are delaying the e-book versions of major hard back releases. No one really knows the future of publishing, but we can hope that there will always be print publishing. Too many of us still prefer to read books that we can hold in our hands.

In our prayer meeting last night several scriptures were read. Ps. 84 – the whole chapter is beautiful – the last verse, 12 says”….Blessed is the man who trusts in the You!” Then Ps 112:1 says “Praise the Lord! Blessed is the man who fears the Lord, Who delights greatly in His commandments.” Verse 7 says “He will not be afraid of evil tidings; His heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.” God is our hope and he will not forsake us.

Yesterday was Veteran’s day. We were reminded of all the sacrifices that have been made for every person in America. For that we are thankful beyond words.
May you be blessed today. Remember to be thankful and most of all to trust Him in everything, even in getting your books published.




Eileen Astels Watson said...

I too have lots to be thankful for. Though I'm Canadian, I'll join you in the daily thanks list in my own journal. A great idea.

About your comment on stores not stocking up. I wonder if that means more will run out faster, too. Best to shop early and get those deals, I suspect.

Joyce said...

You are right about shopping early, especially for toys that the kids might want. I saw on the news yesterday that the hot one for kids this year is an artifical hampster.

Carrie Turansky said...

Hi Joyce,
It was encouraging to read your thought on thankfulness.

I'm Thankful for so many blessings from the Lord - a great husband and 5 children, plus a son-in-law and daughter-in-law, and two grandsons! I am also thankful for the privilege of serving the Lord in ministry with my husband for 32 years. Being able to write books is like cream on the top! I'm very blessed and thankful for that too!