Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Tech Overload or Great Science by Diana Flegal

InBound, The blog!  recently shared a Bold Talk by Amber Case titled: Designing Calm Technology. Calm technology describes a state of technological maturity where a user’s primary task is not computing, but being human. 

Calm Technology sounds great to me right now.
The last couple of weeks have been a media marketing frenzy as authors and publishers promote new book releases, and attempt to breathe new life into titles that released earlier in the year, knowing this is a time when people buy gifts for one another. No pressure there! (She says sarcastically.)   
Frankly I am looking forward to unplugging next week and the week after.
I’d like to schedule my tweets and FaceBook posts, but I have never set up a Hoot suite account or subscribed to any other service.
If you are like me, and are now ready to schedule a break from your social media posts, offers a list here of: 11 Free Services for Scheduling SocialMedia Posts    
Could be I will suffer withdrawals, but instead I will most likely enjoy the extra free time. I plan to catch up on my reading stack and squeeze in some real face time with friends.
What service do you use to schedule your social media posts? Why would you recommend it? Do you enjoy the free-time scheduling offers you?


Rick Barry said...

I understand the blessing of unplugging for a while. Last summer I once again assisted with a youth camp held in a forest in Russia. No cellular connection at all there for my phone. Took the laptop, but only to store and edit photos. So nice to not feel the need to check emails or social media during that time away from civilization.

Do you suppose that is part of the driving force behind Amish books? The subconscious wish to unplug and at least visit a time when the tech roller coasters wasn't constantly plunging, swerving, and changing every day? :)

Diana Flegal said...

Rick, that is the very reason for their success. I need plane tickets and being off the grid to relax.

Wendy L. Macdonald said...

Diana, thank you for including the link. I'm going to check it out.

So far, the only auto-posting I do is on my writer Facebook page. It helps me avoid going on social media first thing in the morning (but allows my regular followers the chance to read my Daily Bread style posts before they leave their homes for the day).

I need to have my quiet time and creative writing time before I face the world--or I feel empty and have nothing of value to offer.

Christmas Blessings ~ Wendy

Diana Flegal said...

Wendy; That is the same for me so, first thing in the am I use my phone to post the Hartline blog to twitter and to Facebook. Then I take my time for devotion and meditation and two cups of coffee. Then I start to work. Using my phone to pop tweets onto twitter and to re-share a blog post on FB have kept me from scheduling posts, but if I want a few real days off, I need to subscribe to one of these services myself.