Monday, December 14, 2015

Get Back Up and Fight! By Linda S. Glaz

I was reminded recently how I seem to be a “disaster” magnet in the month of December. I’ve had a lot of disappointments and family disasters in my life, almost always happening near Christmas.

There was a time when I thought it would be wonderful to land a publishing contract as a Christmas gift. I’ve heard clients say the same. But more often than not, disappointment shadows that type of thinking. If only my birthday brought a contract, if only I got a St. Patty’s Day offer. And on and on.

And while the nos aren’t exactly the disasters I was talking about, they still hurt. They continue to leave us waiting and wanting.

In fact, the disappointments smack us down, knocking the wind out of us.

Artists such as actors, musicians, writers, and the like all seem to need the validation that comes with success. So we are always looking for the next “Good for you. Job well done.” And as often happens, we don’t get it each time.

December or January through November, we all ache for moment that we think will define us. And we don’t necessarily get it.

What’s a person to do?

Get back up and fight! Never say die. Never quit.

Here I am, the December disaster magnet. Bad news always seems to happen this month in my family. But Christmas is my favorite time of year. Each year I rally around. Expect it to be better than the year before. I get smacked again! But I don’t stay down. I love Christmas, the whole month of December. It is filled with snow, pure and white. Homemade fudge, yummy and made with love. Presents…that I LOVE to buy and give. Ahh, yes. December is awesome.

Are you the same? Do you get smacked around but stay on course? Because the victor is he or she who gets back up, brushes off the muck, and forges ahead.

Which are you? Victor or failure.


Diana Flegal said...

For me this time of year is full of distractions when it should be a faithfilled focus. I keep pulling up my 'big girl panties' and giving myself a talking to- and walking away from the TV which is full of Hallmark stories. LOL

Linda Glaz said...

My youngest always reminds me that she was born in December, so it isn't ALL bad. LOL