Monday, December 21, 2015

Gifts, Songs, Cards, and Joy! By Linda S. Glaz

Christmas is so full of joy and tradition. It’s not just gifts, songs, cards, and special music, it’s because we celebrate the birth of Christ. 

And we celebrate the love of family. With families separated by miles many times, it is at Christmas that we make that effort to be together, to break the constraints of distance for the sake of tradition and warmth found only around the family hearth.

Oftentimes, family means close friends rather than biological relationships, but they are family nonetheless.

Often the miles make returning home impossible, but our hearts manage to find their way through memories and tears, laughter, and old photographs. Still, we make the trip home one way or the other.
What are you doing this year to make room in your heart for family?

Blessings to everyone for a Merry Christmas.

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