Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Best and the Worst by Diana Flegal

I was recently asked by a conference presenter if I could share with him my best and worst experience of a 15 min. pitch appointment. Here is my response. I thought you might find it informative.


Most Positive 15 minute appointment:


I was presented with a well crafted nonfiction one sheet, answering all the questions I might have asked. As we further discussed her book, she showed me her incredible platform. She had gathered thousands of blog followers, as well as an outstanding number of followers on her twitter and Facebook sites. She spoke three times a month on average and showed me where she had procured a VERY famous celebrity to write the forward of her book, along with several A list endorsers. A nationally known organization had already committed to ordering large quantities of her book and were offering to advertise it on their website.


Then I woke up. Unfortunately none of the above is true. :-(


I actually enjoy meeting with authors at any stage in their writing journey. But a good appointment is one where the writer is informed, comes prepared and is open to advice. There has only been two times that I signed an author at a conference in 8 years.


Worst 15 minute appointment I have experienced:


A woman sat in front of me and handed me a full proposal. After quickly reviewing her one page I said that I did not believe this was a book I could sell. She burst into tears, placed her head on her arms, and sobbed hysterically. Everyone in the appointment room stared at me like I was the meanest person. I later learned she had gotten the same response from many of her appointments. I was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.      


Unfortunately this is a true story.


She obviously did not come prepared and had not done her research.


Kimberly Rae said...

Well, I was feeling a little jealous of your first author...till you said she didn't exist!

Linda Glaz said...

This sounds so strangely familiar. LOL

Diana Flegal said...

Ha Kimberly! That's funny :-) I just completed my last conference of the season and I really enjoyed my time with all of the writers at various stages of their journey. But yes Linda, the norm is always a mixed bag isn't it? But oh how they inspire me with their creativity 😄

Jeanette Levellie said...

You got me on that first one, Diana! "If only," right?

Can I tell you my worst experience with an editor when I pitched him a project at a conference? He began by telling me my one-sheet was well-crafted and my sample chapters had little or no passive verbs, which he liked. Then he proceeded to give me a lecture on why we should not use passive verbs. HUH? That's like lecturing a dog on how to wag its tail!

I do feel better telling you this...

Diana Flegal said...

Jeanette Levellie, you always make me smile. :-) That just shows us the reminder- you are always dealing with a human being. On both sides of the table LOL. Glad you feel better. That is what I am here for.