Monday, October 19, 2015

Catch 23, Because Catch 22 is Already Taken by Linda S. Glaz

So, let’s talk social media and networking and its importance to our writing.
“Get the numbers up. Show growth!”
“Build that platform!”
“We’d love to take on this new author, but they need to have a stronger platform!”
“Platform’s pretty good, but he might want to work on editing a tad more.”
“How about having her showcase her work at conferences, workshops, libraries, and the like.”
What’s a person to do?
As writers, let’s face it, we wanna write. But we’re also being pulled in dozens of different directions. Everyone, mom included, loves the story. And when I say everyone, I mean local readers, readers I’ve met at conferences, other editors, agents, agents’ assistants, and even a librarian or two. So what’s the problem? And we all know the answer: the writer needs to build his or her platform and present a flawless work.
Time is precious. We all know that. Particularly those would be contracted authors who also much hold down a day job. “Don’t quit your day job! You have a family to care for.” And whether that means the CEO of a company, or a mom raising 3 or 4 adorable little rugrats who have a right to her attention…as well as the housework. We all have outside responsibilities, even if our true love is the computer and the stories dancing in our heads like sugarplums.
And now…the added pressure of social media. So how do we plan our writing time?
First and foremost is story. It simply has to be, because all of the rest means nothing if there isn’t a wonderfully well-told story to peddle.
Second is social media. Yes! I said second. Focus. Target. You need to decide what aspects of social media that you’ll use and go for it.
Do you enjoy spending those precious five extra minutes a day playing on Pinterest? Then make Pinterest your work as well. Decide how much time each day and then go for it. Put everything you have in connecting on Pinterest and developing your book as you go along. Get your literary foot in the door, and make it fun.
How about FB? Enjoy the banter? Be sure you aren’t wandering on FB. Decide on a short daily presentation that will benefit others, either writing, or giving to the common good. Have fun with it, but reach as many as possible.
Do you have wonderful little daily tidbits of wisdom that you’d like to share? How about Twitter? Again, make it fun, and focus your efforts.
The most important thing to remember is to focus. Don’t get sidetracked with others’ rants, playing games, or deciding who will best rule the world in 2090!!! Connect with readers, other writers, and those who might be willing to swap help along the way.
And even though story trumps everything else, you can still give yourself a time allowance for social media each day, even if it’s just fifteen minutes. Target that time to the place where you find the most interaction for yourself, and make the comments and time spent be focused. On point. Always on point.
One: choose your extra media
B: focus your time
Four: don’t get distracted
XI: story trumps all
Five: You can do this!


Pegg Thomas said...

Yeah. I needed this. Thanks. :)

Linda Glaz said...

It's harder than ever being an author in today's climate

Elaine Stock said...

And speaking of social media: Linda, this blog feature has made it into Michelle Sutton's Daily paper and was Tweeted about by Jennifer Taylor. And now I will too.

Terra said...

This is a good point about focusing. I am focusing on Facebook, my blog and starting more use of Twitter.

Linda Glaz said...

That's awesome, Elaine, and Terri, I think focusing on a couple is better than random pitching. Great job!

Linda Glaz said...

Ooops, sorry, I meant Terra!

Rick Barry said...

Such good advice. There are now so many forms of social media, that a person could spend all day every day doing nothing but connecting on social media. Facebook alone has crowded out my writing time too often. And Pinterest? Maybe if I ever get a patron to support me so I don't need a day job.... :)


Linda Glaz said...

I hear ya, Rick. Writing is def not what it once was unless a person has a celebrity name.