Monday, October 26, 2015

Still Hope In Spite of the Climate by Linda S. Glaz

Just returned from Maranatha Christian Writers Conference. Heard some amazing speakers: Carol Kent, Bill Myers, Dave and Cindy Lambert, and many others.

There is a huge black cloud of doom that permeates the hearts and souls of most new authors. And it hangs above their heads whispering, “Not a good idea. Get a day job. Forget about it! No new authors wanted.” And we believe it! We let it get into our heads and speak to our hearts. After which, any time we are turned down or outright rejected, the words become louder. They become our spiritual mantra and force us to face the supposed reality in this industry.

Still, this weekend, we heard such inspirational things from the speakers, and they weren’t saying don’t try. Not at all. They told us to put on our big girl (or boy) undies and give it a try! Allow yourself to be exposed. To be vulnerable.

To never give up. To PERSEVERE! Which is what I tell all authors.
You can’t be a success if you don’t first step out and try.

So what are you doing, sitting there in front of your computer reading this?

Why aren’t you in the middle of your story? WHY AREN’T YOU WRITING?
Persevere. There’s still hope for new authors, but you won’t find that out if you don’t try!


Gloria said...

I just got home from a writers conference myself, and you are so right. New authors are hesitant to stick their necks out. Thank you for the encouraging words.

Linda Glaz said...

Never want anyone who is truly called to write, to give up. Sometimes it's just a matter of a waiting game.
The win goes to those who finish the race, not necessarily the fastest runner who burns out halfway through!

Lilly Sanders Ubbens said...

Very encouraging words.

Linda Glaz said...

Thanks, Lilly. I certainly hope folks can hang in there. Sometimes, our dreams take longer than we would like.

Jodie Wolfe said...

Amen. Thanks, Linda.