Monday, June 15, 2015

What’s Missing? by Linda S. Glaz

I’ve done my homework, attended conferences, taken dozens of classes, built a modest platform, and I’ve written two novels. What’s missing?
Why can’t I get published?
The state of the industry isn’t quite as friendly for new authors as it was, say, four or five years ago. I’m finding more editors than ever asking for new authors to have amazing platforms, in place, at the time of consideration. But we also have to consider whether or not a particular genre is moving at the moment. Or has another pushed to the top?
The two novels you’ve written might have been extremely popular when you started to write, but now the market has shifted.
Also, a lot of authors simply DO NOT want to be involved in marketing. They want to write, thank you very much, and after that, leave them alone.
Dozens of factors come into play when submitting work for an author.
But two will never get old: hone your craft and write an amazing story.
Eventually your topic will be hot again and ready to move. Will you be ready when it does?
It all boils down to whether or not you have what it takes to stick it out until an editor falls in love with your work, takes it to committee, and puts it into print.
Perseverance! Always perseverance!


Deborah Dee Harper said...

Yes, Linda, yes! Perseverance is the only way. Thanks for a great post.


Linda Glaz said...

I tend to harp on this, but it's the only way a new author will get ahead. Stick to it!

Anonymous said...

Ask me how much I like marketing. (BLEAHHHHH!) Yet, the first two years my Keystone Stables books came out, I tried to go somewhere, speak somewhere, etc. once or twice a month. Yes, it was grueling, but I got my name out there, and now after 10 years, the series is still selling with over 120,000 in print. I've backed off quite a bit with physical promotion, focusing more now on social media, which is a completely different ball game.

Linda Glaz said...

So diff. You are right.

Diana Flegal said...

Stepping outside our comfort zone does stretch us but is a very good thing. Marsha - you are a great example of fruit for the labor. :-)