Monday, June 29, 2015

Surrounding Our Word With His Word by Linda S. Glaz

I saw the greatest picture this morning of a woman sitting inside a Bible, and she was working on her laptop. The Bible was held open by a pencil. Obviously, she was a mini-me, but the impact was palpable.
We write everyday as authors, or should. And often writing can be a very singular task. We might be holed up for hours alone. However, we can always be surrounded by the Word. By God. By His direction. And that’s what this picture did for me. I suppose that was the intent.
Are we surrounded by God when we write? Do we allow Him to direct all of our words? It’s very easy to get caught up in moments that distract us. But we can cover ourselves with the Word if we start each day sharing a few minutes with God.
That photo was such a reminder of the importance of grounding ourselves before we start to write. Our words will be stronger, more focused, and possibly more positive if we let God in before we let the words out.
How about you? How do you start your writing day?

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Deborah Dee Harper said...

Linda, what a truly wonderful post! I agree that the picture is an excellent portrayal of what we writers should be doing every single day. Thanks for showing me this. It made me think. :-)