Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Interuptions by Diana Flegal

Sometimes unforeseen things outside of our control interrupt our lives. Family medical emergencies. Like cancer, or an auto accident, or your child going off their medicine and winding up far away and in a hospital, not in their right mind.

Or a good thing happens, you receive a bonus from work that allows you to take that long dreamed of vacation, but will be away from your desk and unplugged for several weeks.

Perhaps your wife or husband gets a job offer in another state and you must leave your very helpful critique group behind.

 Other times it is as simple as writers block.

What has taken you away from your writing of late?

Anything we can pray for?

1 comment:

Linda Glaz said...

Absolutely. It's been that kind of month, but you just keep pressing on and pressing through.