Monday, October 27, 2014

Winding Down the Season by Linda S. Glaz

Last conference of the season this weekend. I look forward to meeting new folks and placing names with familiar faces.
There is nothing that excites me more than meeting writers with hope and energy spelled out across their faces. They are filled with joy at the prospect of making ‘the connection’ that will help their work move forward.
And I don’t know who’s more excited by making the connection, the author or me. I just received a contract for a client this morning, and it’s such fun to talk with them, feel their exuberance through the phone. Know they are taking the step to forge ahead.
Meeting new people is a love of mine. I don’t take everything I have proposed to me, but I have remained friends with dozens of conferees who I now call friends. Seeing their journeys play out, even with another agent, is one of the high points of this job. They are realizing their dream.
So, even though the season’s winding down, I know I’ll meet someone at this last conference who I will soon call friend whether or not I take their project.
What a dream job!


Patty Wysong said...

Enjoy the conference! And a HUGE HOORAY for that contract! =] That's always wonderful news! =]

Diana Flegal said...

Linda, I am like you. It inspires me being around such creative minds. :-) Congrats on that contract. Those are the fun calls to make.

Linda Glaz said...

Thanks, Patty. I do love good news and conferences, but still glad it's winding down for the year.
And yes, Diana, love to be able to give that kind of news!